Soal Uts Bahasa Inggris X

The text for question 1 to 7

My brother, sisters and I went to spend our holiday in Bali. Each of us should ride the car at least three hours. It was the last week of December 2008. we Left Solo on Saturday afternoon. We also didnt forget to bring our camera. On Sunday morning we arrived in Gilimanuk. We dropped for one day at my uncles house. They had prepared breakfast when we arrived at his house. We had rice and ayam betutu; really It was very hot but delicious.

In Monday we went to Dempasar. First we visited Sanur beach. As it was still early in the morning we could see  the sunrise. We also prayed some moment on the  sand then we looked for a hotel because we have no relative who stayed there.

On that day we also visited Kuta beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and also Sukawati market. We had our lunch on the way when we felt hungry. At night we also enjoyed Barong dance. Something that we never forgot was taking pictures at any tourist resort.

On the last day we visited Sangeh, where we could see many monkeys. Many of them are still wild and they sometimes bite visitor, from here we went straight to Bedugul lake, we went around it by a small voat to see some temples at the other side. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard that we all so wet. We changed our clothes there vecause we could also buy clothes at wht shop near the lake. Really it was so wonderful that I promise I want to visit Bali again next time.

  1. What type of the text above?

  1. Reportd. Narrative

  2. Explanatione. Recount

  3. Description

  1. The communicative purpose of the text above is .

  1. Tell the readers avout writers holiday in Bali

  2. To inform the reader where the Bali is

  3. To discuss the writers holiday

  4. To amuse the readers by telling the trip to Bali

  5. To explain the readers in detail avout the holiday

  1. When was the trip happened?

  1. Last week

  2. Last week of December 2009

  3. Last week of August 2008

  4. Last week of December 2008

  5. Every week

  1. Who drove the car?

  1. The writer

  2. The writers brother          

  3. The drove in turn

  4. The writers sister

  5. The driver

  1. Where did they drop first?

  1. at Sanur Beach

  2. at their uncles house

  3. at Kuta Beach

  4. at Sangeh

  5. at Bedugul Lake

  1. The first sentence function as .

  1. Orientationd. Event

  2. Re-orentatione. a thesis

  3. Complication

  1. The last sentences function as .

  1. Orientationd. Event

  2. Re-orentatione. a thesis

  3. Complication

  1. To tell the condition as, what the are the writer mostly expreses them in .

  1. Vassive Voice

  2. Modals

  3. Past tense

  4. present tenses

  5. direct speech

  1. The structure of the text above is .

  1. Orientation, event, re-orientation

  2. Goal, material, steps

  3. Event, orientation

  4. identification, resolution

  5. orientation, steps

  1. The word We on the text refer to.

  1. The writer

  2. The writers Brother

  3. The writers Siser

  4. The writer and his Sister

  5. The writer, His brother & Sister

Find the correct spelling and pronunciation

more than 80.000 words

with this

electronic dictionary

Made of strong plastic

Comes in two colors

Dark grey and light blue

$ 104.50

  1. What is being advertised in the text above?

  1. an electronic dictionary

  2. a complete dictionary

  3. a correct spelling

  4. a strong plastic

  5. a Plastic dictionary

  1. From the advertisement above, we know that

  1. the price of the item is Rp104.500,­ 

  2. one of the item’s colours is dark blue

  3. there are more than 80,000 words in the item

  4. the item comes in many colours

  5. there are less than 80,000 words in the item

  1. From the text we know that the writer wants to ….

  1. give information about anew complete dictionary

  2. inform the cheap price of a strong plastic dictionary

  3. persuade the readers to buy an electronic dictionary

  4. explain how to use a complete electronic dictionary

  5. introduce to the reader about dictionaries

  1. Which one is NOT TRUE according to the text?

  1. The price of the item is $ 104.50.

  2. It has more than 80,000 words.

  3. The dictionary is made of plastic.

  4. One of the item’s colors is dark blue.

  5. Available in two colors

  1. How many colors are the dictionaries available?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5

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