Soal Ujian Pakp Uas Department Of Chemical Engineering,

Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University

Subject: PAKP

Lecturer: Suryadi Ismadji

Date: Monday/30 May 2011

Time: –

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Preparation of Butyl 3-(octylthio)propanoate using One-pot thia-Michael addition reaction in the presence of sodium carbonate in PEG 200 at 30-35oC

Thia-Michael adducts reaction is an efficient method for preparing different kinds of compounds. This protocol is easily applicable for large scale operation. Based on paper by Firouzabadi et al (2009), develop and scale up that laboratorium experimental into a preliminary plant design. Your tasks are as follows:

  1. Prepare a process flow diagram for the preparation of butyl 3-(octylthio)propanoate

  2. Provide a process description of your process flow diagram

  3. Based on your best of knowledge, what is butyl 3-(octylthio)propanoate ? and what is the suitable capacity of the plant ? why ?

  4. Prepare mass and heat balances of the above process (based on the capacity that you propose in problem 3)

  5. Provide a draft design of the reactor used for the process

  6. If the cost of the purchased equipment delivered estimated to be 5 billion rupiah, what is the total capital investment of this plant ?

  7. Estimate the total product cost of this plant design

  8. The BEP of the plant design

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