Soal Uan Bahasa Inggris Ok Questions 36-50 Are Based On A

Questions 36-50 are based on a selection of reading materials. Choose the best answer A, B, C and D to each question.

Question 36-38 refer to the following letter.

Suarez Drilling Corporation

1217 Isabella Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ms. I Ursula Kahanian

Dienst and Klein Auditors

1001 Wellington Avenue

Toronto, (Ontario ,Canada)

Dear Ms. Kahanian;

We will be pleased to welcome you to our headquarters for the year end auditing procedures.

Paula Jenkins tells us that you will arrive in Buenos Aires on flight BA 209 on Monday, January 30, at 10:10 a.m. I have instructed my assistant, Carmen Sierra, to drive you directly to our main office and make sure that all the arrangements for your stay are satisfactory. We will put a computer terminal at your disposal in a private office. should you have any special requirements, I would appreciate it if you would phone or fax us to let us know before your arrival

We have booked a room at the Santa Catalina Hotel in the center of town, which serves breakfast and dinner. Alternatively, we can recommend many fine restaurants in the center of town. We have arranged for you to have prepaid lunches at our staff cafeteria. Ms. Sierra will take care of the transport arrangement for your return to the airport on Friday the third.

I look forward to meeting you next month.

Sincerely Yours,

John Smith

Financial Director

36. Why is Ms. Kahanian going to Buenos Aires?

A. To visit a drilling site

B. To upgrade a computer system

C. To conduct an audit

D. To review various restaurants

37. Why might it be necessary for Ms. Kahanian to contact Mr. Ortiz prior to her arrival?

A. To arrange to use a computer

B. To tell him her flight number

C. To reserve hotel accommodations

D. To find out if she will have access to a copy machine

38. Where will Ms. Kahanian probably have her midday meals?

A. At the Suarez Drilling headquarters

B. At the Santa Catalina Hotel

C. In one of the town’s restaurants

D. At a local coffee shop

39. Who invites Ms. Kahanian for an audit ?

A. Financial director

B. Personnel director

C. Sales manager

D. Head of operation

Questions 40-41 refer to the following notice

All computer disks must be scanned immediately upon entry to this building. Standard Chemical Company policy prohibits the possession of any personal disks on site. Disks authorized for business must be declared, accompanied by a pass, and scanned for viruses. When entering the facility, failure to declare disks will result in confiscation. The term "disk" refers to any computer-data medium.

40. Where would this notice most likely be seen?

A. In a health clinic

B. At a computer terminal

C. At the entrance of Standard Chemical.

D. In the company cafeteria

41. What will happen ifs disk is not declared?

A. It will be erased.

B. It will be scratched.

C. It will be duplicated.

D. It will be taken away

Question 42-43 refer to the following advertisement.


An auction for The estate of Martina Jovanovich has been set for Saturday, July 19, at 12:00 noon. (Preview starts at 10:00a.m.)

Location: The Jovanovich residence at 433 Walnut Drive Some of the Items to be auctioned:

   1997 Sports Car

    Horns Queen Appliances

    Oriental Carpets

   Stamp Collection

    Hand-Carved wooden Boxes. Dolls and Utensils

    China Teacups from Colonial America

    Antique Furnishings

Parking three blocks south. In the Municipal Building lot at 119 Walnut Drive

Questions? Please call Estate Planners Associates 546-7000. The Jovanovich request that you do not phone their home.

42. What event is being advertised?

A. A party for the Jovanovich family

B. A fund raising event at the Municipal Building

C. A sale of the possessions of Manina Jovanovich

D. A private viewing of museum pieces

43. Where will the event be held?

A. At the Municipal Building

B. At 433 Walnut Drive

C. At the Estate Planners Associates office

D. In the city parking lot

Question 44-47 refer to the following instruction

Softwind’s technical support staff provides free telephone assistance to registered Softwind users, In order to receive this free assistance, you must first register your product with Softwind. To do this, fill in the enclosed registration card, including the name of the retail outlet where you purchased this product. Softwind will then send you a personal identification number (PIN), which must be supplied to support staff whenever you request assistance. Registering your product will also enable us to send you timely information on updates and future releases. Before calling technical support, please try to find the answer to your question in the handbook that accompanies this product. In particular, we recommend that you check the section on frequently asked questions that begins on page 2155.

44. Who were these instructions written for?

A. Technical support staff

B. Softwind engineers

C. Retail sates personnel

D. Softwind customers

45. What information is necessary in order to register this product?

A. The name of the store that sold the product

B. The user’s personal identification number

C. The dates of future releases

D. The user’s forwarding address

46. How can you receive a PIN?

A. By requesting one from support staff

B. By telephoning technical support

C. By mailing in the registration card

D. By signing up for one at a retail outlet

47. What should you do first if you have a problem with the product?

A. Read the manual

B. Change your PIN

C. Telephone technical support

D. Request updated instructions

Questions 48-50 refer to the following survey report

The majority of top managers work moat productively outside standard working hours. This per a recent survey by Jefferson Watch Corporation of 100 chief executives of the top 500 companies in the country. The morning hours before other employees arrive were favored by 43 executives, while 18 preferred to work alter the other employees had left. Among those who considered normal working hours to he their most productive, 75% favored mornings over afternoons. 115% of those surveyed said that they worked at home in the evenings, and 65% worked over the weekends.

48. Who participated in the survey?

A. Jefferson’s too one hundred managers

B. Presidents from each of five hundred companies

C. One hundred executives of the top firms in the nation

D. Forty-three leaders of the watch Industry

49. What did the survey reveal?

A. When executives do their best work

B. How many hours most businesses are open

C. What brands of watches top managers wear

D. How close workers lived to their jobs

50. What percentage of those surveyed work on Saturdays or Sundays?

A. 43

B. 65

C. 75

D. 85

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