Soal Smp Ing B22 Contoh Latihan Un Bahasa Inggris 25


Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs


    you ALIVE

    to rock my birthday party

What does it mean?

    1. Invitation

    2. Letter

    3. Greeting card

    4. Notice

  1. In emergency, please break the window with this hammer inside it

Where can you find this caution?

    1. Bus

    2. Plane

    3. Livingroom

    4. Bathroom

  1. 1. They were Sura and baya.

2. They lived in sea

3. Sura was shark and baya was a crocodile.

4. Actually they were friends.

5. But when they hungry, they were very greedy.

6. A long time ago in EAST JAVA, there were two strong animals.

  1. 6-1-2-3-4-5

  2. 6-1-3-2-4-5

  3. 6-1-2-3-4-5

  4. 6-1-3-2-5-4

Text for number 4, 5

  1. Mr . Demon and Mrs. Norah

    Requal the pleasure of company


    Saturday, 21 December 2006, 6.30 pm

    Bride and Bridegroom

    Angelique and Angeloch

What is it?

  1. Announcement

  2. Caution

  3. Invitation

  4. Prohibition

  1. Based on the text, who will have married?

    1. Demon and Norah

    2. Angelique and Norah

    3. Angelique and Angeloch

    4. Demon and Angeloch

  1. She not is certain andrea s father that passed had away 3 days ago

  1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  1. 5-3-7-8-9-10-1-2-4-6

  2. 1-3-2-4-5-6-8-7-10-9

  3. 1-3-2-4-6-5-8-7-9-10

  4. 1-3-2-4-6-5-7-8-9-10

Text for number 7 – 8


The Hawaiian language is based on five vowels and just seven consonants, but this is more than enough to utter the word "Aloha". This greeting written out in lights already welcomes those arriving at Honolulu airport, but it is in fact much more than a greeting or farewell. Aloha means love and well-being and somehow stands for everything that goes to make up the image of Hawaii, from colorful shirts, through flower garlands and grass skirts to coconut bikinis.

 Hawaii is the "Aloha State" and the 50th state of the United States of America. A visitor to these islands in the middle of the Pacific feels immediately that he has one foot firmly anchored in the American Way of Life, and this is particularly true when he sees the islands from the vantage point of a cruise ship.

 "Aloha. How are you today?" is a frequently asked question on the "Pride of Aloha". The simple response, "Fine", or Mahalo in Hawaiian, suffices as answer. The passenger aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line vessel would have little reason to respond otherwise. At breakfast, travellers are greeted by mountains of ham and pancakes, and this is the pattern throughout the day.

  1. What is purpose of the text?

    1. To tell about aloha

    2. To announce aloha

    3. To describe the hawaiian language

    4. To describe Hawaii

  1. What is the function of Aloha at Honolulu Airport?

  1. To welcome to guest who just leaves hawaii

  2. To welcome to people who just come to hawaii

  3. To welcome guest

  4. To welcome welcoming guest

Text for number 9

Dad, please pick me up at Sanggar Seni Banyuwangi at 4.30 since my motor is broken

  1. What will writers father after reading?

  1. He probably will go to school

  2. The father will go to the sanggar to take the motor

  3. C writers father will take writer up soon in sanggar seni

  4. He will take the writers motor and go there again

Text for number 10, 11

To: All people in Banyuwangi

Effective date: 10, 11, 12 December 2012

Subject: To raise UMBUL UMBUL along highways to celebrate BTDI (Banyuwangi Tour De Ijen) because participants from whole countries and locals are going to be able to join this program.



  1. What kind of text is it?

    1. Letter

    2. Caution

    3. Advertisement

    4. Announcement

  1. Who will participate on its program?

    1. Foreigner

    2. Local tourist

    3. Domestic tourist and foreigners

    4. Local tourist and Indonesian

Text for number 12, 13, 14

Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamins and are generally healthy to eat, unless you have a high cholesterol level.

You can eat eggs raw, boiled or cooked in a pan as scrambled eggs or an omelet. Boiling eggs is one of the easiest ways to prepare them. Follow the steps!

First of all, place the raw egg in a saucepan!

Second, Run cold water into the saucepan until the water is 1 inch above the egg.

After that, Place the saucepan on a stove and cook over medium heat until the water begins to boil.

The next, don’t forget to reduce the heat to low

Then, Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes for soft-boiled eggs or 10 to 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.

Finally, Remove the egg with a spoon or ladle and let it cool slowly, or run cold water over it to cool it more quickly.

  1. What is the purpose of the text?

    1. To guide people to show how to make a boil egg

    2. To guide people to show how to boil egg

    3. To explain readers to do and do incorrect thing

    4. To explain readers to make boiling egg and eat it

  1. What is antonym of reduce?

    1. Increase

    2. Heat

    3. Explain

    4. Simmer

  1. What is synonym begins?

    1. Finishes

    2. Startes

    3. Starts

    4. Started

Text for number 15, 16

Mount Kosciusko

Mount Kosciusko is actually the highest mountain (2,228 metres) on the world’s flattest and smallest continent, Australia. It does not rise up out of the is deep snow on the upper parts of the mountain. The mountain is within a national park so no cars are allowed and the vegetation and wildlife is protected. Mt. Kosciusko was named by Polish explorer Paul Strzelecki in 1840. Actually, Australia does have surrounding countryside as do many of Indonesia’s spectacular mountains.

Elevation gain is minimal and the wide open terrain is scenic. In the winter there some interesting mountainous terrain, including areas of the Blue Mountains, the crags of Tasmania, and even Mt. Townshend, a craggier peak about one kilometer north of Kosciusko.

  1. Which statement is RIGHT according to the text above?

    1. The wildlife there is being protected by the government

    2. The mountain is the highest in around Melburne

    3. That mountain was not named by polish

    4. Cars are allowed to be driven in that area

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph two?

    1. Many mountains are there

    2. In the winter, there is not interesting thing

    3. Elevation gain is maximum

    4. There are some interesting available there

Text for number 17 – 21

Few years ago there was poor family that consisted one mother and one son. They lived sorrow. His son named Hobert, he was spoiled boy but he was so smart in his lessons. Therefore he used to get scholarship in his school.

One day he was in school and after having sport together with his friends and teacher, suddenly his mother came and brought lunch box. What are you doing here?, said Hobert. His mother said, I come here to bring you lunch box and a bottle of beverage . Do you want to make me shy by showing you that you have only one eye?, said Hobert.

Then she went home and she did not give to her son. Arriving at home, the mother was so sad seeing her son. He was shy having mother liked her. Then she still loved him whatever the condition. Hobert did something wrong and never had respect to his mother. Years passed fast, Hobert got scholarship from well known university. Then he went to abroad to study, he studied there and never went home to his hometown to see his mother. He forgot completely his mother. Then he graduated in that university and he got married by a woman. They lived happily by having one daughter. One Sunday morning, the door was knocked by someone, the daughter opened it and screamed then cried. Hobert came there and saw who came to his house. Who are you?, please go away from here, my daughter was frightened because of you.

Hobert, my son, I am your mother, said old woman. What?, my mother? Ya, I know, please go home now, you are here make my daughter cried because you have one eye, Hobert said.

Then the mother went away.

The next day, Hobert got letter of reunion in his school from his hometown. Then he went to his school and gathered with his friends. After that he remembered his mother, then he went to his house that was not far from his school. He saw the door was closed and locked. It was looked not to be kept at all. A neighbor saw him and told that his mother passed away a year ago. The she gave key to open that door. Then he took the key and he unlocked the door. There was a box on the table, he opened and there was a paper that was written some words. Here was the writing Son, I am sorry if you are always shy having mother that has one eye. Please forgive me son, when you are 5 years old, you ran and you fell down. Therefore your right eye was not in good condition. I do not want to see you having one eye. So I give you my right eye in order to see the world with my eye. Seeing this, Hobert cried and went to grave to give some pray to her mother and apologize to her.

  1. What does paragraph two tell us about?

    1. Hoberts son liked her grandmother

    2. Hobert did something bad to his mother, such he forgot her

    3. Mother did not adore his son

    4. Hobert threatened his mother politely

  1. What can you take from this story?

    1. We must be patient and do the worst to her

    2. We must give money and pray to her everyday

    3. We must honor and adore mother as she loves very much to us

    4. We must love our mother and threat her in wrong way

  1. Here are INCORRECT statements, except.

    1. His mother was glad when she knew that his son was shy seeing her in one eye

    2. Hobert was brilliant son since he was good in lessons

    3. Mother had passed away when he was young

    4. Mother had two eyes

  1. What is main idea of last paragraph?

    1. Hobert was sad that his mother was still health

    2. Hobert knew that his eye was mothers eye

    3. Hobert was happy staying in his hometown

    4. Mother wrote letter to her neighbor

  1. Arriving at home, the mother was so sad seeing her son.

The word sad has similar meaning with?

    1. Feeling happy

    2. Feeling blue

    3. Feeling glad

    4. Feeling cheerful

Text for number 22-26

Urgently needed

A Sales manager


.. (22) not more than 23 years per January 2013

Smart, good motivated, high discipline

Understand in .. (23)

Good in English oral and (24)

Having a good in . (25) computer

Send the .. (26), recent photo to

Jl. Raya Cluring no. 109 Cluring-Banyuwangi

Not more than two weeks

  1. A. Old

B. Aging

C. Ages

D. Age

  1. A. Sale

B. Sales

C. Business

D. Market

  1. A. Wrote

B. Write

C. Writing

D. Written

  1. A. Operating

B. Operate

C. Operated

D. Operates

  1. A. Curriculum

B. Vitae privacy

C. Resume

D. Identity Card

Text for number 27 29



Saturday, Dec 23 2013

Nio Dept. Store JEMBER

Join us at 7 p.m

Just show member card, if you dont have, you may charge

Rp. 39.000


  1. If you want to go there to watch the celebration with two friends and all you dont have any member card. How much money do you spend?

    1. 117.000

    2. 115.000

    3. 116.000

    4. 118.000

  1. Who is PSY?

    1. Comedian, singer, dancer

    2. Entertainer

    3. Singer

    4. Singer and dancer

  1. When did NIO Clothing Dept. Store build?

    1. Dec 23 2000

    2. Dec 23 2001

    3. Dec 23 1997

    4. Dec 23 1999

Text for number 30

Thanks God, Congratulation on giving birth. I do hope your son will be a nice son to his parents. For Norano George, wish you a great son later.


  1. What is it?

    1. Greeting card

    2. Invitation card

    3. Congratulation card

    4. Letter

Text for number 31, 32



Subject: Notification

Steve, I am so sorry because I just reply the email. You know, I live in remote village. Now I send you this email by going to the town first. By the way, start from now I cannot send you BBM because my Blackberry lost few days ago. So it is better you save my new number, here is the number +6281559510959.

  1. What does e-mail stand for?

    1. Electric mail

    2. Electronic mail

    3. Electricity mail

    4. Electro mail

  2. I live in remote village.

What does the sentence mean?

    1. There will be a good communication

    2. There is good frequency in telecommunication

    3. There is signal so it easy to communicate each other

    4. There is no signal and it is difficult to get access in communicating

Text for number 33 36

Three days ago, my parents went to my grandparents house because my grandmother was sick so they wanted to visit her. I really wanted to join them but they did not permit me to join because I had to study at school. So I stayed at home with my young sister. Therefore I had to prepare what her daily needed.

The next morning, I had to wake my sister up but it was so very difficult to wake her up. Then she woke up and got up, after that she took a bath while I prepared the breakfast. The menu was only fried egg and fried rice plus mineral water. When my sister wanted to tasted the menu, she did not continue eating because she said that the fried rice was salty. Actually I did not believe that the menu was salty. Then I tasted it, it was really salty and it was the worst fried rice,

At last I learned how to be mother was not easy. Since then I do love my mother.

  1. What is moral value from the text?

    1. We must appreciate with our mothers work

    2. We must be understood with mom

    3. We must know what is the job of our mother and sister

    4. We have to keep on loving another mother

  1. . because my grandmother was sick so they wanted to visit her.

The underlined word refers to .

    1. Grandparents

    2. Grandmother

    3. Grandfather

    4. Grandson

  1. What can you get from the second paragraph?

    1. The writer looked after the sister

    2. The sister looked for the writer

    3. The writer looked at the sister

    4. The sister was happy all day

  1. What is social function of the text?

    1. To explain how to be in lonely house

    2. To guide to do something

    3. To retell writers experience

    4. To tell somebody about something

Text for number 37

When you are entering this dances room. Please beware of pickpockets

  1. What should we do after reading this caution?

    1. Keep silent with pickpockets

    2. Keep fight with pickpockets

    3. Always bring weapons

    4. Be careful with pickpockets

  1. 1. Nino likes it very much.

2. This is doll.

3. And the trunk is long.

4. She always puts it beside her pillow when she sleeps.

5. It is one color.

6. The body is grey.

7. It belongs to Nino.

8. It is as big as a baby.

9. The doll is like elephant.

10. It is very big.

      1. 2-7-9-10-8-4-1-6-5

      2. 2-7-9-10-8-4-5-6-1

      3. 2-7-9-10-8-1-4-5-6

      4. 2-7-9-10-8-4-1-5-6

Text for number 39



  1. What does it mean?

    1. The floor is wet so dont walk slowly

    2. The floor is wet so take it easy to walk

    3. The floor is still wet so be careful

    4. The floor is dry so it can be used to walk

Text for number 40, 41, 42

Nicholas Saputra and Susan Bachtiar raise awareness of HIV/AIDS

Film stars Nicholas Saputra and Susan Bachtiar will feature in a new film set in West Papua province to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS.

The Australian Government through its development program AusAID, is funding the HIV themed film, Cinta dari Wamena (From Wamena with Love), this World AIDS Day.

The film, directed by Lasja Susatyo, will be released in cinemas across the country in March 2013.

The film follows three childhood friends as they leave their remote upbringing to chase their dreams and face lifes challenges in Wamena.

This film was initiated by the district government of Jayawijaya, and is an alternative vehicle to increase the understanding of HIV/AIDS in the community, in particular to reduce the stigma and discrimination against those living with the disease, said AusAID HIV Unit Manager, Adrian Gilbert.

Film is a powerful tool to engage with our audience. This is one of the many strategies being implemented to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and to inform people of ways to reduce transmission, added Mr. Gilbert.

Following the films 2013 release, AusAID will work with local government, civil society organisations, schools and universities to run outreach activities in Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Papua and West Papua. Outreach activities will further raise awareness of the disease, prevention techniques and strategies for living with HIV/AIDS.

Australia has been supporting Indonesias response to HIV for more than 12 years. As part of our $100 million HIV partnership, AusAID is providing $25 million to help improve access to HIV services in Papua and West Papua provinces. The program will improve access to HIV services and increase the number of people getting the HIV care and treatment they need.

  1. What does the text tell us about?

    1. It tell us about how to prevent hiv aids in jakarta and wamena, bali

    2. It talked about ausaid that runs outreach activities in jakarta not in wamena

    3. It talked about artist indonesia who take a part in increasing the hiv aids

    4. It talked about the movie that will be released on March which is concerned on HIV AIDS

  1. Which is statement WRONG in the text above?

    1. The film will be released on march 2013

    2. The film is stared by nicholas saputra and susan bachtiar

    3. Ausaid will work alone without any helps by local government, civil society org.

    4. The movie is directed by Lasja Susatyo

  1. Who is Adrian Gilbert?

    1. Nicholas saputras fellow in that film with susan bachtiar

    2. Director of the movie

    3. Hiv manager in indonesia

    4. Ausaid hiv manager

Text for number 43-45

Where Is My Change?

During my short course in Bali I went shopping at one of the shopping malls near the school. It was the first time I had ever been shopping in a foreign country. After paying for my goods, I waited at the cash desk for my change around a few hundred rupiah, but the cashier said sudah. I thought this was a question so I replied, Ya. I carried on waiting for my change and eventually asked the cashier, Where is my change? She looked confused so I rephrased my question to. Where is my money the 300 rupiah? She understood but just pointed to a small plastic announcement stuck on the cash register that said, Please apologize. Small change will be replaced with candies. Yes, I had three candies with my receipt but I thought they were complimentary from the mall. I was rather angry about the change, especially when I thought I had to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the mall. Later I found out the mall had mis-translated the word apologize and what they meant was sorry. Both words are maaf in Indonesian. So, they were sorry they had to give me candies instead of change, and I didn’t have to apologize!

  1. What is the text called?

    1. Report

    2. Narrative

    3. Recount

    4. Procedure

  2. Where did writer come from?

    1. New zealand

    2. Indonesia

    3. Bali

    4. Abroad

  1. What is small change in english?

    1. Uang kembalian

    2. Uang besar

    3. Uang super kecil

    4. Uang pas

Text for number 46 47

Funny or Cute?

When I was a student, some friends and I went to a party and there was an American with her two-year-old daughter. The girl is beautiful. She is very funny, we all said. Fortunately, the lady was a teacher. She said, I see you are trying to translate the expressions in your language into English. But, in this case, the word funny is not appropriate. It can have a negative meaning. So you had better say cute instead.

  1. Which is the meaning negative?

    1. Fun

    2. Cute and fun

    3. Cute

    4. Funny

  1. Who has corrected the word?

    1. The teacher and mother

    2. The man

    3. The lady

    4. The boy

Text for number 48, 49, 50

(48) Satria

I .. (49) from your father that you won on the debate contest in Malang University last night.

(50) on your success! You deserve to get it.

Devan Rob

  1. A. Dear

B. From

C. Give

D. In

  1. A. Hearing

B. Heard

C. Hear

D. Hears

  1. A. Congratulation

B. Congratulated

C. Congratulates

D. Congratulate

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