Oops! Something Went Wrong. Sandy : Tomorrow Afternoon My

  1. Sandy: Tomorrow afternoon my sister will have a birthday party ?

Elly: Well, I dont think I can. Tomorrow my parents will go to the Jakarta and I must

stay at home.

Sandy: Its OK. Never mind.

  1. May I ask you about it

  2. Can you go by yourself

  3. Would you like to come

  4. What are you doing tomorrow

  1. Operator: Sasando Hotel 821150, hello?

Mr. William: Good morning to the Mr. Pieter, at marketing manager?

  1. Should I talk

  2. Can I ring out

  3. May I connect you

  4. Could you put me through

  1. Diane: What do you like most in his city?

Mary: Well, Theres so much to see

  1. I enjoy going shopping quite a lot

  2. Im very fond of the food

  3. I love the steak very much

  4. I really like hot weather

  1. Director: Has our company prepared some events to commemorate the independence

Day next month?

Manager: not yet,

  1. Well still have to meet to decide the programs

  2. Were going to hold some sports competitions

  3. Weve already celebrate the day with great events

  4. Well start ceremony at 8 oclock in the morning

  1. Lusi: Excuse me, the bus station please?

Ina: Okay, follow this way, turn right and then turn left. Its on your left.

Lusi: Thanks

  1. How far is it to

  2. Where is the location of

  3. How long it does take to

  4. Could you tell me the way to

  1. Mrs. Thomas: Ive just witnessed an accident. It was a hit and run.

Police officer: Police Officer can you described the car?

Mrs. Thomas: Well, I think.

  1. Its green with button down the front

  2. Its two storey one with air-conditioning

  3. Its small blue japanese one with two doors

  4. Its expensive one with a wheel at the back

  1. Lanny: Please be quite!

Rhein: Whats up?


  1. The certificates were being given

  2. The people are very busy right now

  3. The children were sleeping soundly

  4. The students are having an examination

  1. Simon: Why didnt you come to the seminar yesterday?

Joanna: What seminar was it?

Simon: it was about the business strategies. Didnt Carol send you the invitation?

Joanna: No,

  1. I would called her if I had come

  2. I would asked her if I had received it

  3. I would have come if she had told me about it

  4. I would have sent it to her if she asked me

  1. Amin: Im sorry for being late. My car broke down on my way here.

Mr. Budi: …

  1. You should call a taxi

  2. My driver can help you

  3. I thon I will send you a driver

  4. Youd better have it checked regularly

  1. Lia: How can I to be admitted to the English club?

Afifah: After completing the registration form, .

Lia: Do you know how much?

  1. Youll be asked to read three magazines

  2. You may be asked to pay the membership fee

  3. Youll be required to out the other memberships

  4. Youll be allowed to borrow books

  1. Fionna: Excuse me, How could I get to the library please?

Deny: .

  1. Im new in town

  2. The library is our new building

  3. The library is open at 09.00 a.m.

  4. Its two block from here. You cant miss it

  1. Emmy: I heard that you spent your vacation in Bandung.

Agustin: Yeah, I visited my sister. She works and lives there.

Emmy: .

Agustin: She is a teller bank.

  1. What does she do?

  2. Where is her office?

  3. How does she go to work?

  4. Does she lives near her office?

  1. Customer:

Clerk: Im sorry. They are sold out, but we still have some for the eight thirty show.

Customer: Fine, thats all I can get.

  1. Id like two tickets for the six oclock show, please.

  2. Id like to have two hamburger with extra cheese, please.

  3. Id like to make reservation for six people, please.

  4. Id like to order some fries and coke, please.

  1. Vina: I see that you have a lot of mug collection.

Handi: Yes, I am interested in collecting mugs, coins, matches, and perfume bottles.

I like them very much.

  1. Is it interesting?

  2. Is it is your hobby?

  3. What is your hobby?

  4. What do you like to do?

  1. Receptionist: Good afternoon. Adya Graha Hotel. What can I do for you maam?

Caller: Hello. Could someone pick me up at the airport at 01.00 p.m. tomorrow?

Ive booked for room 316 in your hotel. My name is Grania.


  1. Yes, Maam, Im happy to hear it.

  2. No, Maam, we are busy at the moment.

  3. Certainly, Maam, Well make it for you.

  4. Please forgive me, I dont know about it.

  1. Cinta: What happen with your cell-phone?

Andra: I broke it down into pieces when

  1. I walk down the street to school

  2. I was running for a bus to school

  3. I am riding my motorcycle to school

  4. I am on my way back home from school

  1. Guest: Hello. There is no mineral water in my room. The water jug is empty.


  1. Yes, Maam, Well send someone to refill it at once.

  2. Please bring it to the kitchen, Maam.

  3. Right away. You can go to the lobby.

  4. It should be full, Maam.

  1. Bachy: Im going to have exam tomorrow. I cant concentrate.

Fery: Sure.

  1. Dont be lazy

  2. Please switch on the fan

  3. Can you turn off the TV?

  4. Why dont you open the door?

  1. Student: Excuse me, Maam. My spoken English is not good. What do you suggest?

Teacher: Well,

  1. Take some writing test

  2. Read some English newspaper

  3. Practice it a lot with your friends

  4. Buy a good English English dictionary

  1. Fadhli: Where is Vincent? Its already 07:30 but he hasnt come yet.

Rico: He told me he would come. Just wait

Fadhli: OK. Can we open the meeting while waiting for him?

Rico: All right.

  1. Well leave him soon

  2. He cant attend the meeting

  3. The meeting should start on time

  4. He may be trapped in traffic jam

  1. Citra: We would be late arriving at the train station. How about taking taxi?

Hani: I dont think so but there are seven us.

  1. It has a good driver

  2. It can only load 4 passengers

  3. It can take us to the station

  4. It has more space for us to ride

  1. Ussie: Our class will plan to have camping.


Trissa: Of course. It must be interesting.

  1. Would you collect fire woods?

  2. Could you inform the departure to your parents?

  3. Would you like to join?

  4. Could I arrange the plan schedule with them?

  1. Linda: I won the first prize for the dancing contest last night.


Linda: Thanks.

  1. Thats great!

  2. Thats embarrassing!

  3. How dare you!

  4. What a small prize!

  1. Yanti: I wish the decision maker here.

Yanto: What would you do?

Yanti: I would raise the salary of employees 200%

  1. I could be

  2. I were

  3. I am

  4. I would be

  1. Lati: How much you pay for your study every month?

Hasan: A hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs

Lati: Really? Thats a lot of money.

Hasan: As you know, vocational school are concerned with skills. We need practice

A lot and it takes a lot of money.

  1. I dont think so.

  2. I think youre good

  3. Please dont bother

  4. Dont mention it.

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