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Text I ( Questions number 1-5 )

Tangkuban Perahu

Dayang Sumbi was exiled in the jungle, because she was unmarried but pregnant.  She gave a birth to a baby boy and named him Sangkuriang .       

One day he went hunting with his dog, si Tumang. In the bush he saw a pig, Wayungyang.  He wanted to shoot Wayungyang but si Tumang hindered him. He was angry at it and killed it, and then took its heart home. When he told that it was si Tumangs heart, she was very angry and hit Sang Kuriangs head with a spoon.  And he ran away and left his mother to the east.  He did not know himself and forgot his name. He was about 16 years of age.

After along time Sang Kuriang came back to the jungle where his mother lived.  She looked younger than her age, so Sang Kuriang fell in love with her.  Will you marry me? one day he asked her. But Dayang Sumbi refused because she recognized that he was her son. He insisted to marry her and Dayang Sumbi asked two marriage settlements.  One, he had to dammed Citarum river, and two, had to make a boat in one night

Sang Kuriang almost finished his work but Dayang Sumbi cheated him.  He was angry and kicked the boat.  The boat fell upside down on the peak of mountain. It was known Tangkuban Perahu, at the northern of Bandung, West Java.

1. Where is the legend from?

   It is from . . . . .

a. East Javac. Central Javae.  South Sumatra

b. West Javad. North Java

2. Who is the main character of the story above?

a. si Tumangd. Sangkuriangs father

b. Sangkuriange. si Tumangs mother

c. Dayang Sumbi

3. Why was Dayang Sumbi exiled in the jungle?

   Because she

a. was married and pregnant

b. was unmarried and not pregnant

c. was unmarried and pregnant

d. followed her husband

e. was bored living in the kingdom

4. Why did Dayang Sumbi refuse sang kuriang proposal?

a. because she didnt love him

b. because Sangkuriang was ugly

c. because Sangkuriang was not rich

d. because she had a husband

e.  because she recognized that he was her son

5. . And then took its heart home.

(prg2).the bold word refers to

a. Wayungyangc. Bushe.  Tumang

b. Pigd. Hindered

Text 2 (Questions number 6-10)

Once upon a time there lived a kind-heated man and his wife. One morning, his wife found a poor little sparrow.  She took it gently and fed it.  To show its gratitude, the sparrow stayed with them and sang every morning. But there was an ill-tempered old woman who didnt like the sparrow. She cut the sparrows tongue.  Thats why the bird return to its previous nest.

Knowing that their sparrow flew away, the kind man and woman looked for their sparrow.  They walked a long way, crossed the bridge, climbed a mountain, and passed the wood

Not long afterwards, they found the sparrows nest. The sparrow welcomed them and provided a feast for them.  Before they went home, the sparrow brought two baskets: one was large and looked heavy, and the other one was small and light. The sparrow asked them to choose one

They choose the small one. And that was the best choice.  There were many rolls of silk and piles of gold in it. Being jealous, the ill-tempered old woman did the same thing as the kind man and woman did.

She chose the big basket which actually contained wasps and venomous crawlers, such as scorpions, centipedes, and other horrible creatures.  Finally, they stung and bit her to death.

6. The purpose of the text above is to

a. inform somethingd. report something

b. describe someonee. keeping something

c. entertain the reader

7. A : what is sparrow?

   B : it is a kind of

a. dogc. Chickene.  fish

b. rabbitd. Bird

8. The sparrow welcomed them

  The bold typed word refers to the..

a. nestc. Basketse.  ill-tempered old woman

b. sparrowd. kind man an woman

9. And other horrible creatures. The bold typed word means

a.interestingd. exiting horror

b.attractinge. rare

c. animal which has long body

10. The suitable title for the text above is

a.     the sparrows nest

b.    the tongue and the sparrow

c.     the evil woman

d.    the tongue cut sparrow

e.     the old woman and sparrow

Text 3 (Questions number 1115)

How Desert Remains Dry

These are three possible reason why desert remain dry. These are high mountain barrier, cold ocean current and high pressure system.

When warm air passes over the ocean it pick up moisture in the form of water vapor and this moist air travels over mountain ranges. When begins to rise, the air cool and this causes the water vapor to condense into droplets which falls as rain. When the air reaches the other side of the mountain barrier, it has lost all moisture and so the other side of the mountain remains dry.

Cold Ocean Current

Air passing over old ocean current is cooled and therefore is unable to pick up and hold much moisture. When this cold air mass reaches the warm desert, any moisture in the air is evaporated and so does not fall as rain and so the desert remains dry.

11. What does the text tell about ?

a.     How desert remains dry

b.    How desert remains wet

c.     High pressure system

d.    High mountain barrier

e.     Cold ocean current

12. How many factors make the desert remain dry ?

a.     One

b.    Two

c.     Three

d.    Four

e.     Five

13. Why does the other side of the mountain remain dry ?

a.    Because the air reaches the other side of the mountain barrier

b.    Because it still has had all moisture

c.     Because the air doesnt reaches

d.    Because air passes over the ocean it pick up moisture

e.     a,b,c, and d are true

14. The first paragraph is called . . . .

a.     Sequenced explanation

b.    General statement

c.     Orientation

d.    Resolution

e.     Complication

15. How many the sequenced explanation of the story?

a.     One

b.    Two

c.     Three

d.    Four

e.     Five

16. A    : Your novel is great. Can i offer you some advise?.

      B      : yes, sure.

    From the dialogue, the sentence is underlined that called . . . .

a.     Expression of accuse

b.    Expression of ccomplain

c.     Expression of suggestion

d.    Expression of possibilty

e.     Expression of impossibility

17. Which the sentence show expression of accuse ?:

a.     Dont be late to go school

b.    He is accused of stealing the book

c.     You should not smoke here

d.    It not as good as I expect

e.     I might I will go to school

23. Michael : What should I do with this broken computer?

    Melinda : . . . . . .  . . .

a.     Are you sure about that?

b.    I think you should take it to the repairman

c.     Is that computer really broken

d.    No, you should not break it computer the computer

e.     Ill let you know if a get the answer

24. Which of the following sentence is expression suggestion?

a.     It was pour

b.    It is not good enough

c.     Youre the one to blame

d.    You should repair your motorcycle

e.     Its your fault

25. Sam                        : I think what you did was wrong, David

      David           : . . . . . . . . . .  . . . .  .

a.     I know. It was a mistake. I am so sorry

b.    Sorry i did not have any more

c.     I forget to take my wallet

d.    Im sorry. But Im using it right now

e.     Could it be you again who did it

26. A : This is area gas station. You should not smoke here

      B : All right .

     From the dialogue, the sentence is underlined that called . . . .

a.     Expression of command

b.    Expression of complain

c.     Expression of accuse

d.    Expression of suggestion

e.     Expression of possibility

27. Everywhere he . . . . .(meet) young ladies who told him

a.     meet

b.    met

c.     have met

d.    has met

e.     is meeting

28. She . . . . . (tell) the king that she was a real princess

a.     tell

b.    have told

c.     told

d.    telling

e.     is telling

29. We didnt . . . . (speak) about green house

a.     speak

b.    spoke

c.     spoken

d.    have spoken

e.     speaking

30. . . . . .you feel hungry last night ?

a.     Did

b.    Do

c.     Does

d.    Have

e.     Has

31. You didnt . . . . . the book in library, did you?

a.     stole

b.    stolen

c.     steal

d.    stealing

e.     have stolen

32. They  . . . . .  their money for vacation last month.

a.     spend

b.    spent

c.     spending

d.    is spending

e.     will spend

33. The next morning the queen asked the princess how she  ___ (sleep).

a.     sleep

b.    slept

c.     sleeping

d.    is sleeping

e.     to sleep

34. Adi    : Why does the baby next door keep crying ?

     Susy : As usual, it . . . . . . . .by the baby sister.

a.     is neglecting

b.    is to be neglected

c.     is neglected

d.    was neglected

e.     neglects

35. Ira    : May I borrow your laptop?

      Tita   : Certainly, but whats wrong with yours ?

      Ira     : It . . . . . . . . .

a.     is breaking

b.    has been broken

c.     is broken         

d.    broken

e.     will repaired

36. People eat rice in Indonesia

    We can also say : Rice . . . . . . . . . . . .  in Indonesia

a.     is eaten

b.    has eaten

c.     was eaten        

d.    will be eaten

e.     is being eaten

37. The book was . . . . . . .  by him.

a.     stolen

b.    have stole

c.     steal

d.    stealing

e.     be stolen

38. They didnt broke my computer yesterday.

      In the passive : . . . .

a.    My computer werent broken by them yesterday

b.    My computer wasnt broken by them yesterday

c.    My computer wasnt broken by they yesterday

d.    My computer wasnt broke by them yesterday

e.     My computer broken by them yesterday

39. The criminals burn all my property.

     Change into passive voice :

a.     All my property is burn by the criminal

b.    All my property are burnt by the criminal

c.    All my property is being burnt by the criminal

d.    All my property will be burnt by the criminal

e.     The criminal is burnt by all my all property

40. Budi            : How these rock formed?

      Beni            : The rocks ..by the pressure of natural forces for thousand years.

a.     is formed                                            

b.    are formed

c.     was formed

d.    were formed

e.     will be formed

II.  a. Change sentences into simple past tense !

1. The woman ( cook ) the meals in the kitchen.

2. The man ( sells ) mangoes in the market.

b. Change the sentences into passive voice!

3. They finished the work on time last Monday.

4. The children visited the zoo last week.

5. Someone didnt  stole the books from the library.

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