Oops! Something Went Wrong. 50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris

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  1. It is a half minutes pass four in the afternoon, what will you say if you meet your friend?

    a. Good afternoon     c. How are you doing

    b. How are you         d. Good night

  2. My hobby is playing football, I need a … for playing it.

    a. racket                     c. motorcycle

    b. ball                         d. stick

  3. I am very …, So I buy a bottle soft drink in the store.

    a. hungry                   c. angry

    b. sleepy                    d. thirsty

  4. He wants to clean a blackboard, he needs …

    a. book                       c. eraser

    b. ruler                      d. calk

  5. My mother is angry to me because I get bad score in my exam. I feel so …

    a. happy                    c. lazy

    b. sad                        d. crazy

  6. How many days are there in a month?

    a. a day                     c. twenty one days

    b. seven days          d. thirty or thirty one days

  7. What day is after Monday?

    a. Wednesday         c. Thursday

    b. Saturday             d. Friday

    My School

    My name is Aliya. I am class five. I study at SDN Semawung Daleman I. My school is small but beautiful. There are six classrooms. One headmaster’ room, one teacher’s room, one library, one canteen and two toilets.

    There is a big field in front of the school. Class one, two, and three are in front of class four. Five and six. The library is between headmaster’s room and class six. The parking area is behind the canteen.

  8. Aliya is a student of class

    a. 3    b. 4    c. 5    d.6

  9. Her school has …

    a. 6 classroom and 2 toilets      c. one library and 2 parts

    b. 6 classroom and 2 schools    d. one canteen and one class

  10. Where is the field ? it is … the school

    a. behind              c. between

    b. beside               d. in front of

  11. Where is class five ? it is in front of the class ….

    a. 2    b. 4    c. 5    d. 6

  12. The students put their bicycles in the…

    a Field                     c. library

    b. parking area      d. toilet

  13. The parking location in my school is room 3 and 4.

    a. beside                 c. between

    b. across                 d. in

  14. Teacher  : Don’t … to school !

    Students : Yes, sir.

    a. come early         c. go

    b. come late           d. going

  15. Teacher   : Come in, Budi !

    Budi         : …

    a. no, thanks             c. no, I come in

    b. yes, I come in       d. thank you, sir

  16. Can I … some candies?

    a. have                    c. like

    b. has                      d. likes

  17. Ungkapan memberi aba-aba :

    a. Attention, please!      c. Don’t make mistake!

    b. open your books!      d . excuse me!

  18. Ungkapan memberi petunjuk :

    a. I am sorry                  c. I am fine, thank’s

    b. Go to the left side!    d. Sit down on the chair!

  19. … me, where is the toilet?

    a. have                     c. has

    b. excuse                 d. Yes, it is

  20. Ungkapan petunjuk yang melarang :

    a. Please turn right!          c. Park here!

    b. Can you help me ?        d. don’t write on the wall!

  21. name is Roy.

    a. him                       c. am

    b. his                        d. her

  22. What … are you in.

    a. grade                             c. canteen

    b. home                             d. hospital

  23. How do you … the apple?

    a. knife                              c. excuse me

    b. peel                               d. spoon

  24. I always wash my hand … I eat.

    a. near                     c. after

    b. next                     d. before

  25. I want to … some books in the library.

    a. some                    c. buy

    b. eating                  d. borrow

  26. Her house doesn’t have backyard, …?

    a. do you                c. doesn’t it

    b. does it                d. do it

  27. Agus: do you want to join with us fishing next week?

    Andi: I would like to, but my parents don’t allow me.

    Agus: …,

    a. what a pity         c. thanks God

    b. that’s great        d. let’s go

  28. Brenda … be 11 years old next month.

    a. is                          c. have

    b. will                      d. can

  29. Radit never shares his food to his friend, because he is …

    a. diligent               c. helpful

    b. stingy                 d. generous

  30. Mahmud always greets his friend because he is …

    a. diligent               c. friendly

    b. stingy                 d. generous

  31. I will celebrate my birthday party next week. I have to … my friends.

    a. blow                   c. help

    b. invite                 d. talk to

  32. Andrew : she is your sister, …?

    a. isn’t he               c. is she

    b. do I                    d. isn’t she

  33. Waitress: Can I help you sir?

    Buyer : yes, I … a half kilograms of nails.

    a. need                  c. put

    b. take                  d. borrow

  34. Slamet slept to late last night, he … now

    a. is angry             c. is hungry

    b. is sleepy           d. is sad

  35. Teacher: …. ! your friends is still writing.

    a. erase the black board     c. come forward

    b. clean the floor                  d. don’t erase the blackboard.

  36. Rendi : … wake up every morning?

    Sinta : At five oclock.

    a. what time do you

    b. what time is it

    c. do you

    d. you

  37. This is an elephant … tail is big.

    a. its

    b. his

    c. her

    d. their

  38. Are Lutfi and Parjan students ? Yes, …

    a. we are

    b. they are

    c. she is

    d. I am

  39. Mr. Sholik has a … nose.

    a. big

    b. straight

    c. thick

    d. long

  40. Seven are days three week a in

    The correct arrangement is …

    a. there are seven week in a days

    b. there are week seven in a days

    c. there are days seven om a week

    d. there are seven days in a week

  41. Ahmad : Horay! I got 9 for English.

    Arman : …

    a. what a pity                 c. Oh no!

    b. congratulation           d. yes, you are right.

  42. School-a-take-usually-I-after-nap

    The correct arrangement is …

    a. I usually take school after a nap

    b. usually I take after a school nap

    c. I usually take a nap after school

    d. after take a nap I usually school

    Untuk soal nomor 43-45!

    John is my friend. He has short hair. His skin is black and his teeth are white. He has long leg. He can run very fast. He is a athlete. Brenda is my friend too. Her face is oval. Her eyes are black. She has black and long hair. Her skin is brown. She is very beautiful

  43. Who has long hair?

    a. John                               c. Brenda

    b. athlete                           d. Andrew

  44. How is Brenda face …

    a. Oval                             c. short

    b. brown                          d. long

  45. Who can run fast?

    a. John                            c. No one

    b. Brenda                        d. John and Brenda

  46. Yesterday is Wednesday. Tomorrow is …

    a. Sunday                       c. Thursday

    b. Monday                     d. Friday

  47. …, Papa will not be angry.

    a. that’s great                       c. don’t worry

    b. what can I do for you      d. I am afraid

  48. I eat … of noodle.

    a. a bowl                     c. a spoon

    b. a glass                     d. a loaf

  49. … and … are the examples of daily needs.

    a. ruler and book             c. rice and water

    b. car and computer        d. door and window

  50. The green vegetable is …

    a. spinach                         c. union

    b. tomato                          d. chili

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