Soal Mat Smp Chapter 1 N 2


  1. Write down the first six multiples of these following numbers.

(a) 7(b) 9(c) 12

  1. Write down all the factors of 18 and 144

  2. Factorise using factor trees: 216 and 567

  3. Paul has three pieces of rope with lengths of 140, 168, and 210 cm. He wishes to cut these ropes into smaller pieces of equal length with no remainders.

    1. What is the greatest possible length of each of the smaller pieces of rope?

    2. How many of the smaller pieces of rope of equal length can he get altogether?

  4. David was trying to sleep one night but there was too much noise around him. His clocked ticked every 5 seconds, a tap was dripping every 7 seconds, and his pet dog snored every 12 seconds. He noticed on his clock, that these three things happened together on the stroke of midnight.

    1. After how many seconds would all three things happen together again?

    2. How many times would all three things happen together again between midnight and one oclock?

  5. Two cars start to drive around a 2 km track at the same time. Car X makes one lap every 80s, while car Y makes one lap every 60s.

    1. How long will it take for the two cars to be at their starting position again? Give your answer in minutes.

    2. How long will it take the faster car to be ahead by 15 laps? Give your answer in hours.

  6. John, Peter, and Paul were each given a piece of string of equal length. John cut his into equal lengths of 2m; Peter cut his into equal lengths of 3m; while Paul into equal of 5m. If there was no remainder in each case, find the shortest length of string given to each of them.

  7. Find two numbers if their LCM is 120 and their HCF is 4.


  1. Evaluate the following:

    1. {[(9-15+5) x 2 + 8] 32 / 8 } (-7)

    2. [3 x (-3) 4 x (-2) + 5 x 2] + [-2 x (-3) + 8 x (-2) 8 x 2]

    3. -2 x (-2)^3 x 9-2) x 3 + (-2) x 3 x (-1)^2

    4. 4/9 x [(-5/8) + 5/6 2/3] / 2/5 x [3/4 (-1/5)]

  1. Express in fractions: 0.132132 ; 0.14141414

  2. Express in decimals: 41/333 ; 7/12

  3. Andy is making a journey from A to B. He starts at 12.40pm. Hes making a trip 20km for hour. After resting, for 30 minutes, hes moving again for 35 km for 1 hour. Because of losing his credit card, he has to track back for 40 km for 2 hours. After that hes tracking back 20 km before moving forward 80 km. Both takes 2 hours. At this point, he has reached B. What is the distance of A and B? At what time, will he arrive?

  4. The temperature in Tokyo is -5C today. Yesterday, it was -2C. From tomorrow on, the weather forecast predicts an increase of 2 degrees of celcius for 10 days. What is the temperature after 10 days? Whats the temperature difference between day 5 and yesterday? Between yesterday and the day after tomorrow?

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