Lesson : There is/are, Quantitative Adjective, and Direction – Bank Soal

Lesson : There is/are, Quantitative Adjective, and Direction
1.   There is/are
There          : Di sana
There is/are: Ada
a.   There is a hospital.
Ada sebuah rumah sakit.
b.  The hospital is there.
Rumah sakitnya di sana.
2.   Quantitative Adjective
Banyak    Many (untuk countable nouns) Much (untuk uncountable nouns) A lot of
Sedikit        Few (untuk countable nouns) Little (untuk uncountable nouns)
Beberapa    Some
a.   There are many planes at the airport.
Ada banyak pesawat terbang di bandara itu. b.  There are some ships at the harbour.
Ada beberapa kapal di pelabuhan itu.
3.  Direction (Arah)

Atas             : Up Bawah         : Bottom Kanan         : Right Kiri              : Left Depan         : Front Belakang     : Behind Utara           : North
Timur Laur         : North East Timur                  : East Tenggara             : South East Selatan                 : South
Barat Daya          : South West
Barat                    : West
Barat Laut           : North West

Evaluation            : Two Ways Dialogue (Bermain Peran)
Perform the dialoge in front of the class with your friend!
X    : Hi, Y. Do you know where is the masque? Y    : Yes, of course.
X    : Where is it?
Y    : It is in the east of my house. X    : How can I go there?
Y    : You can walk straight from here, then at the junction, you go left.
There are many people preying there. X    : All right. Thank you, Y.
Y    : OK…



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