Lembar Soal Bahasa Inggris Fill The Blank With Correct

  1. Fill the blank with the correct answer in Past Tense forms.

  1. He always goes to work by car. Yesterday he to work by bus.

  2. They always get up early. This morning they ..up late.

  3. Bill often loses his key. He .one last Saturday.

  4. I write a letter to Jane every week. Last week I two letters.

  5. She meets her friends every evening. She them yesterday evening, too.

  6. AI usually read two newspapers every day. I only ..a newspaper yesterday.

  7. They come to my house every Friday. Last Friday they.. , too.

  8. We usually go to the cinema on Sunday. We .to the cinema last Sunday, too.

  9. Tom always has a shower in the morning. Tom .a shower this morning, too.

  10. They buy a new car every year. Last year they a new car, too.

  11. I eat an orange every day. Yesterday I .two oranges.

  12. We usually do our shopping on Monday. We our shopping last Monday, too.

  13. Ann often takes photos. Last weekend she some photos.

  14. We leave at 8.30 every morning. But yesterday we ..at 8.00.

  15. She wins the money. She the money.

  1. Fill the blank with the correct answer in Past Continuous forms.

  1. What you ….. doing at 8:00 oclock last night?

  2. I …. watching TV.

  3. I …… a lesson all day, yesterday.

  4. They ….. studying math yesterday.

  5. We ….. out all afternoon last Sunday.

  6. I …. reading neswpaper last night.

  7. …… you on your way to school?

  8. Andi ….. sleeping all day yesterday.

  9. While I ….. studying, he ….. reading the newspaper.

  10. I was watering the flowers …… my father was cutting the grass.

  11. When you …… me, I ….. studying English.

  12. She ….. the materials at 10 oclock this morning.

  13. I ….. English with my classmates at 2 p.m. last Friday.

  14. I …… busy at 8 oclock yesterday morning.

  15. They …… very happy at 9 oclock last Saturday night.

  1. Choose the right answer between these multiple choices.

  1. Watch carefully. I (will show / am showing) you how to boost your computers speed.

  2. Tomorrow (is going to be / will be) cloudy.

  3.  (Im going to / I will) buy the extra virgin olive oil next week.

  4. Your parents (will be / are) happier If you visit your parents at least once a week.

  5. I think the corruption suspect (will / is going to) tell the truth.

  6. She (will get / is getting) married in January 2014.

  7. When you read this letter, I (am going to be/ will be) 1,000 miles away from our city.

  8. There (will be / are) no drastic changes at the company in 2015.

  9. What (will / am going to) I learn in Civil Engineering?

  10. After normalization, the reservoir (will be able / is going to be able) to store 200,000 cubic metres of water.

  11. If the plane gets in late I ……(will miss / am going to miss) my train connection.

  12. Its half past eight and it takes twenty minutes to get to the station. My train leaves in fifteen minutes. I ……….(am going to be late / will be late).

  13. Im sure you ……(are going to feel / will feel) a lot better after a good nights sleep.

  14. The plane doesnt leave until tomorrow afternoon, so I …..(am going to / am packing) the cases in the morning.

  15. The match doesnt start till 9 oclock, so we ……(are going to have / will have) a drink first.

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