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How to Stop the Global Warming

Lets keep it simple.

First, everything I tell you is going to be realistic and genuinely useful. So I wont tell you to give up your car though I may offer you some suggestions for how you can reduce its impact on the environment. I may make some product or service recommendation s along the way, but all of them will provide a benefit to the environment and be the best, most useful things you can do.

Second, this isnt a new issue remember when The Green House Effect was so big in the news? Now the buzzwords are the climate change, carbon trading, carbon footprint and carbon neutral more about that later though.

Then, let me just say this, Im no hardcore environmentalist. In fact, until recently I didnt do much more than separate the recycling from the rest of my rubbish! Im now determined to do whatever I can to AT LEAST reduce my personal impact on the environment.

  1. Complete the sentence to answer the question!

  1. The type of the text above is

  2. The communicative purpose of the text is

  3. its impact on the environment. The word its refers to .

  4. Find three things in the text that can cause Global Warming!

  1. Find the word in the text which have similar meaning with

  1. Stop =

  2. Decrease =

  3. Advice=

  4. Advantage =

  5. Surroundings =

  6. Garbage =

  1. Choose the right answer to complete the paragraph!

Finding a Penguin

One day a man and his wife were (1) down the street when they (2) across a penguin. Oh! exclaimed the man, What a surprise! What shall we do with it? I know, sad his wife. well (3) the policeman. So they found a policeman and (4) what had happened. Mmm, said the policeman, I (5) the best thing is to take it to the zoo.

  1. a. walkingc. jogging

b. stoppingd. coming

  1. a. arrivedc. came

b. wentd. visited

  1. a. tellc. inform

b. askd. say

  1. a. discussedc. interviewed

b. investigatedd. explained

  1. a. sayc. think

b. telld. believe

  1. Arrange the words into a good sentence!

  1. disguised a beggar himself a rich man as

  1. Ordering three the hungry bowls man of noodles was

  1. forget – you when leave turn off the house dont to – the lamp

  1. Arrange the sentences into a good paragraph!

9. 1. This time Mike Tyson plays boxing attractively.

  1. He can knock out his rival in round 3.

  2. Because of his performance he became the champion of the world.

  3. Here is a report of the boxing championship.

  4. All of the fans are proud of him.

10. 1. I broke my leg when I was playing football.

  1. Why were you absent yesterday?

  2. Poor you. How did it happen?

  3. I had a accident. I broke my leg.

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