Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP






Setelah siswa mampu menguasai materi bahasa Inggris SD, maka kemudian siswa mulai mempelajari materi pelajaran bahasa Inggris SMP. Contoh soal bahasa Inggris SMP ini bisa dijadikan sebagai bahan untuk belajar memperdalam kemampuan dalam berbahasa Inggris untuk tingkat SMP.






1. Chila went to Bandung last week. 

…. is a capital of West Java


A. she

B. it

C. they

D. her



2. I love sate…taste is very delicious


A. it

B. mine

C. its

D. my



3. Purwo has a new car. The silver car over there is…


A. he

B. his

C. him

D. he’s



4. I came to her house but…was at home. Where was she?


A. nothing

B. someone

C. anybody

D. nobody



5. ….likes her. So, she has many fans


A. nobody

B. everybody

C. nothing

D. everything



6. Romy and Juli are very happy…happiness is real


A. hers

B. their

C. his

D. your



7. I’m going to supermarket. …is going there too


A. my brothers

B. my sisters

C. my friend

D. my parents



8. je left without saying anything.

So …knows where he is now.


A. someone

B. everyone

C. anybody

D. no one



9. There are two sides in this stick. If we look at it,…them are sharp. So, you must be careful


A. both of

B. some of

C. most of

D. a little of



10. I lost my dog. It must be…now. Lets find it!


A. something

B. somewhere

C. somebody

D. something

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