Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas Vi Sd

  1. Dini : I want to get information about Borobudur temple.

Dina : Borobudur temple was built by Ancient Mataram . . . In Magelang

  1. Republic

  2. Caesar

  3. Kingdom

  4. President

  1. There is a . . . about Roro Anteng and joko Seger

Thye sacrificed their youngest son at Mount Bromo

  1. Legend

  2. Fable

  3. Movie

  4. Comic

  1. We can go to the crater . . . bus

Or we can hire a jeep to the camping ground near the sea of sand

  1. With

  2. By

  3. In

  4. On

  1. not uncle her did she visit week last

the right order to make a good sentence for the words is

  1. she did not last week visit her uncle

  2. she did not visit her uncle last week

  3. her uncle did not she visit last week

  4. last week her uncle she did not visit

  1. The people of Tengger . . . crops and cattle every year on Kasodo ceremony

  1. Sell

  2. Send

  3. Deliver

  4. Sacrifice

  1. Karina . . . to the bookshop with her friends last week. They . . . some comics and a dictionary.

  1. went, buy

  2. went, bought

  3. go, buy

  4. go, bought

  1. Sarangan and Toba are the names of lake. Semeru and bromo are mountains. Ngliyep is the name of . . .

  1. Waterfall

  2. BEACH

  3. Museum

  4. Island

  1. Dhea : The scenery is beautiful I want to memorize that.

Dody : . . . take a picture with your camera ?

  1. Why you dont

  2. How do you

  3. Why dont you

  4. How are you

  1. Canggar is a tourism objects. Its located between Mojokerto and Batu. People go there hiking or just play in the . . .

  1. Crater

  2. Soccer field

  3. Warm water

  4. Caldera

  1. Gita : Do you want to . . . us to go to the beach ?

Sita : Oh, Id love to. Thank you.

  1. Join

  2. Visit

  3. Come

  4. Go

  1. The suitable dialogue for the picture is

  1. Vito : do you want to go somewhere ?

Sean : No, I just want to stay at home

  1. Keiko : Whats your favorite place ?

Saski : I love the mall of course

  1. Haris : Do you have any plan for the holiday?

Dhika : I want to go to Prambanan

  1. Lia : Lets go to the beach next week

Ali : Im sorry I cant go now

  1. Mario wants to be a . . . in a tourism object. He likes to meet people from other countries.

  1. Scenery

  2. Wave

  3. Guide

  4. Street vendor

  1. Faizal : What can we do at the Selorejo Dam ?

Tito : We can

  1. Go surfing

  2. Go fishing

  3. Watch the wave

  4. Take some pictures

  1. Ryan : We can watch the beautiful sunrise from the top of the mountain.

We can also ride a horse to cross the sea of sand in Bromo

Aryo : Wow ! its a wonderful Lets go there next holiday

  1. Challenge

  2. Story

  3. Picture

  4. Attraction

  1. Rizka : Lets go to Balekambang beach this holiday

Roza : lets go

  1. Thats amazing

  2. Im sorry. Im busy

  3. Thats a great idea

  4. Well, Im fine

The text is for number 16-20

Booby and his family spent their vacation in Yogyakarta last month. They stayed there for a week with Bobbys grandparents. His grandparents house is not far from Malioboro. At night, bobby and his uncle often took a walk around Malioboro. Sometimes they bought souvenirs.

On the last day. Booby visited Borobudur Temple. The temple was amazing but the weather was very hot. Bobby climbed the stairs to the top of the temple. But, he could not finish it. He was very tired. So he just took some picture there. It was fun.

  1. How long did Bobby stay in Yogyakarta ?

  1. He was tired

  2. The last day

  3. Seven days

  4. Last vacation

  1. What did Bobby often do at night in Yogyakarta ?

  1. Took walk at malioboro

  2. His grandparents house

  3. It was amazing

  4. His family

  1. When did Bobby go to Yogyakarta ?

  1. On the last day

  2. Last month

  3. Borobudur

  4. It was sweet

  1. How was the weather in Borobudur area ?

  1. It was hot

  2. It was sweet

  3. With his family

  4. Took pictures

  1. Did Bobby feel happy about his vacation ?

  1. Yes, he does

  2. Yes, he did

  3. No, he doesnt

  4. No, he didnt

B. Fill in the blank with the right word

  1. Mount Merapi, Semeru and Kelud are active in Java

  2. There is a behind the beautiful Prambanan Temple

  3. Rano : What do you think about the temple ?

Hilma : The temple is beautiful but I the temperature

  1. The Trip to mount Bromo is a wonderful its very exciting too

  2. At the of mount Bromo, we can see beautiful flowers. They are edelweijs

  3. If we go to Mount Bromo next month, we can watch the Kasodo

  4. Lisa : What can we do at the temple ?

Sima : Well, beside enjoying the beauty of the Temple, we can about the temple

  1. Many tourist want to take a picture with the as the background

  2. Tari : what are you doing ?

Rido : Im making a

  1. Mrs Arimbi : What do you want to do this holiday ?

Tama : I go to the mountain.

C. Translate into Bahasa Indonesia

31. What did you buy from the souvenir shop?

32. We spent the night in a nice hotel

33. Our teacher gave us an assignment last week

D. Make a sentence for each picture



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