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Kelas : VI (Enam)Waktu:

Mata PelajaraN: Bahasa Inggris


1.Kiki: What is your name?

Wahyu : My name is Wahyu

Kiki : How do you spell your name?

Wahyu : ….

a. we-ei-hi-ye-yuc. double you-ei-eich-wai-yu

b. wi-ei-hi-ye-yu b. double you-eich-ei-wai-yu

2.My father is a….(Tentara)

a.solderc. teacher

b.soldier d. police

3.Shinta reads a book in the….(perpustakaan)

a.Library c. Libry

b. Labrary d. Labry

4.This woman is Mrs Nina. She works in the school.

She wears blue uniform. She is a….

  1. School guardc

  2. . Student

  3. School yardd. Teacher

5.Teacher : How do you spell pencil?

Student : ….

a. pi-i-en-si-ai-elc. pi-ai-en-si-ai-el

b. pe-i-en-si-ai-eld. Pe-ai-en-si-ai-el

6.The students eat a meatball in the….

a. Laboratoryc. Classroom

b. Canteend. Office

7.The students are sitting in the….

a. Canteenc. Laboratory

b. Libraryd. Laboratoy

8.Fina : Good morning, Sir!

Mr Dodi : Good morning, Fina!

How do you do, Fina?

Fina : ….Mr Dodi

  1. Good morning c. How are you

  2. Good bye d. How do you do

  1. Every morning my sister gets up at 4.15 am. She gets up at….

a .half past four c. aquarter past four

b. half to fourd. aquarter to four

10. Rika ….a glass of milk every morning.

a. eats c. sweeps

b. drinks d. plays

11. Erna has a….at seven oclock in the morning

a. dinner c. breakfast

b. lunch d. Supper

12. We study English on….(Rabu)

a. Saturday c. Monday

b. Sunday d. Wednesday

13. Doni : What time is it?

Tika : it is….(6.30 am)

  1. half past six c. aquarter past six

  2. half to six d. aquarter to six

14. Siska ….to school at six oclock in the morning.

a. going c. go

b. goesd. is goes

15. My favorite fruit is a….

a. Mangoc. papaya

b. apple d. banana

The texs for number 16-20


Last Sunday, our family went to the Ragunan zoo. They are father, mother, sister and me.We went there by bus. We went at 9.00am.We saw some animals. They lions, tigers, elephants etc. we ate in the restaurant.

16. What did you see at Ragunan zoo ?

  1. Last Sunday c. Some animals

  2. By car d. Our family

  1. Who did go to the zoo ?

  1. Our familyc. Brothers

  2. Monkeys d.Ragunan

  1. How did you getto the zoo ?

  1. On foot c. By bus

  2. Father and family d. By car

  1. When did you go there ?

  1. Last month c. Next Sunday

  2. On Monday d. Last Sunday

  1. Where did you eat your food ?

  1. At the restaurantc. at canteen

  2. Under the treed. at home

  1. The kinds of red vegetables are….

  1. tomato and chilic. potato and carrot

  2. chili and spinachd. mushroom and chili

  1. There are land transportation. They are .

  1. boat, ship, cartc. plane,train,pedicab

  2. pedicab, train, cartd. train,pedicab,plane

23.Which sentence is according to the picture ?

a. Her hobby is palying guitar c. This girl hobby is singing

b. Rina likes dancing d. She likes cooking fried rice

24. Indonesia has two season. They are….

a. dry season and rainy seasonc. auntum and summer

b. spring and winterd. auntum and wet season

25. I am thirsty. I drink….

a. a bowl of soupc. a glass of ice tea

b. a cup of coffeed. a glass of hot tea

26. My father has a brother. I call him….

a. auntc. grand father

b. uncle d. grand son

27. Ani: Where are you going ?

Bima: I am going to the .

Ani: Why ?

Bima: I have fever.

    1. post officec. Beach

    2. Hospital d. Mountain

28.In . We need umbrella or raincoat

a. Sunny c. rainy season

b. summerd. dry season

29. This room is hot. Please….the fan!

a. turn downc. turn up

b. turn ond. turn off

30. Fika: Mom, I think its not save to keep your money in the cupboard.

Better you save it in the … .

Mother: Ok, that good idea.

  1. Police stationc. School

  2. Post officed. Bank

31. I have a father. He is my mothers….

a. husbandc. wife

b. uncled. aunt

32. Where is theMuseum ? Its ….(diantara)Post office and Bank

a.behindc. in front of

b.besided. between

33. My aunt plants many flowers. Her hobby is….

a. gardeningc. drawing

b. wateringd. singing

34. Look !that is railway. It must be … at there.

  1. bus c. car

  2. planed. train

35. I….to Anyer beach last holiday.

a. goc.went

b. goned. goes

II. Fill in the blank with correct answer!

36.I go to Semarang by….

37. Yohana goes to school at….

38. Teacher: What day is today?

Student: Today is Thursday, Sir.

Teacher : What day is tomorrow?

Student: Tomorrow is….

39. My mother works in the hospital.

She is a…. (perawat)

40. How do you spell library?….

41. Shinta: Do you like mango?

Rama : Yes,….

42. Yulis hobby is….

Her voice is very beautiful.

43. The canteen is…. the classroom.(belakang)

44. Spinach, carrot,and eggplant are kinds of….

45.Silahkan duduk in English is….

III. Essay

46. Write a sentence using word soldier!….

47. The students eat a fried rice in the…. (Kantin)

48. Mention three kinds fruits do you like!


49Translate to English!

Ayahku pergi ke Solo naik bis Minggu lalu.

50. Rearrange these words in to good sentences!

Mother breakfast for my- porridge makes


  1. c

  2. b

  3. a

  4. d

  5. a

  6. b

  7. c

  8. d

  9. c

  10. b

  11. c

  12. d

  13. a

  14. b

  15. d

  16. c

  17. a

  18. c

  19. d

  20. a

  21. a

  22. b

  23. c

  24. a

  25. c

  26. b

  27. b

  28. c

  29. b

  30. d

  31. a

  32. d

  33. a

  34. d

  35. c

  36. II

  37. train

  38. five past six

  39. Friday

  40. Nurse


  42. I do

  43. Singing

  44. Behind

  45. Vegetables

  46. Sit down,please!

  47. III

  48. Kebijakan guru

  49. Canteen

  50. Kebijakan guru

  51. My father went to Solo by bus last week

  52. My mother makes porridge for breakfast

  1. Pedoman Penilaian

  2. I.Pilihan Ganda:Setiap jawaban benar diberi skor 1=15

  3. II.Isian:Setiap jawaban benar diberi skor 2=20

  4. III.Uraian Terbatas:Setiap jawaban benar diberi skor 3=15

  5. Nilai akhir : Jumlah skorx 100

  6. 50


  8. II.Mari kita memilih dengan jawaban yang benar !

  1. 1.b

  2. 2. a

  3. 3.c

  4. 4.c

  5. 5.b

  6. 6.a

  7. 7.a

  8. 8.c

  9. 9.c

  10. 10.b

  11. 11.b

  12. 12.b

  13. 13.a

  14. 14.c

  15. 15.b

  1. 16.28

  2. 17.berdoa, makan tidak berbicara(kebijakan guru)

  3. 18. anak

  4. 19. Ayah pergi ke kantor(kebijakan guru)

  5. 20.

  6. 21. tidak sombong, rendah hati (kebijakan guru)

  7. 22. membantu membawakan belanjaan ibu (kebijakan guru)

  8. 23. terima kasih

  9. 24. semangka

  10. 25. semuanya

  11. III.Mari kita menjawab dengan benar !

  12. 26.Ibu sedang menyiapkan makan

  13. Kami membantu ibu menyiapkan makanan (kebijakan guru)

  14. 27.kebijakan guru

  15. 28.Ibu membeli sayur di pasar

  16. 29.

  17. 30. kerjasama, menarik yang kuat(Kebijakan guru)

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