Soal Bhs Inggris 1 Read The Following Text And Then Answer

Read the following text and then answer the questions number 1 to 5.

Lucy is a SMP student. She is in the seven grades. She has a lot of friend; her friends call Lucy a hard working girl. They like her very much because she is very kind and diligent. My English teacher is Ms Sulastri. She is a nice teacher. She teaches English twice a week. Ms Sulastri lives in Jalan Kartini Bandung.

  1. Who is Lucy?

  1. Lucy is a students of SMP

  2. Call Lucy

  3. She is very diligent

  4. She live in Jln Kartini

  1. Who is her English teacher?

  1. Ms. Yuliana

  2. Ms. Sulastri

  3. Ms. Kartina

  4. Ms. Yati

  1. Where does Ms. Sulastri live?

  1. At Jalan Kartini Bandung

  2. In Bandung

  3. At 15 jalan

  4. At Banding Jalan 16

  1. How do her friends call Lucy?

  1. Lucy

  2. Luse

  3. Her Lucy

  4. Call Lucy

  1. What does her friend like Lucy?

  1. She has a lot of friends

  2. She is in the seven grades

  3. She is a hard working girl

  4. She is very kind and diligent

  1. Budi: Hello Adi how are you:

Adi: thanks

  1. Good

  2. Im fine

  3. Nice day

  4. Good luck

  1. Rina : hello

Budi: How do you do? Nice to meet you

Rina: .

  1. Nice to meet

  2. Good to you

  3. Nice to meet you too

  4. Fine thank you

  1. Doni: Hello.

Aldi: What is your name?

Doni: ..

  1. Name is Doni

  2. My name is Doni

  3. My name is Aldi

  4. Name is Aldi

  1. A: what is .. name?

B: my name is Rini

  1. His

  2. Her

  3. My

  4. Your

10. Hello my name is Toni. I live in

Lhok Pauh

a. my

b. your

c. our

d. is

11. Hello . I m Dewi.

a. is

b. are

c. am

d. be

12. Andi: do you want to borrow any books?

Tina: yes I do.

Andi: lets go to the .

  1. Canteen

  2. Library

  3. Market

  4. Laboratory

Dony: may I borrow your dictionary? I have some home work to translate English text.

Rosi: Im sorry Im still using it.

13. Who want to borrow Rosis dictionary?

a. Doni (does)

b. Rosi

c. friends Doni

d. friend Rosi

14. What does he say?

a. may I borrow your dictionary?

b. Im Sorry

c. Im still using it

d. may I borrow?

15. Tina and Siti . In the yard now.

a. are

b. is

c. am

d. do

16. Budi very good at English

a. is

b. are

c. do

d. am

17. My book on the table.

a. are

b. am

c. is

d. be

18. What is the color of this box?

a. black

b. Pink

c. red

d. yellow

19. We can read books in .

a. laboratory

b. library

c. house

d. school yard

20. You clean the blackboard with an .

a. eraser

b. water

c. bloom

d. chalk


Fill the following sentence with correct answer!

  1. I have a friend, .. name is Surya. . Is a student.

  2. Fill the possessive adjective in the empty box!

As Subject








As Possessive adjactive







  1. Below are some words, please draw the line to its antonym!





  1. Change the sentence into negative form!

We are the students of SMP N 2 Alafan

  1. Change the sentence into positive form!

Im not the student of SMP 2 Alafan.


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