Soal Bahasa Inggrisnsemua Jurusan 2015

Soal semester bahasa inggris kelas X semua jurusan

Question No 1 4 based on the text below

Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled in Teberu Lombok, who had a beautiful daughter called Puteri Mandalika. Because of her beauty, princes and kings from other kingdom around Teberu wished that she would be their wife. Six of them came to Teberu and ask for her hand of marriage. They were Prince Bumbang, Prince Aryo Johor, Prince Singa Trasak, Prince Daria Loka, Prince Gunung Piring and Prince Bungsu. Each prince wanted to win the hearth of Puteri Mandalika.

Her father, the king of Teberu, was very confused and did not know what to do. If he chose one prince instead of another then it would create jealousy and there could be war against his kingdom. All the princes were handsome and powerful and so the king allowed his daughter to make her own choice. But Puteri Mandalika was confused too and she also knew the dangerous risk that her kingdom and people would get, if she chose either one of the princes.

After several days of serious thinking, Puteri Mandalika met her parents and asked her permission to announce her decision in front of all the princes and the people of Teberu the next day in the beach. Early next morning, everybody gathered on the beach. There was a gentle breeze with small waves breaking softly across the shore. Everybody was looking at Puteri Mandalika, waiting for her announcement.

Meanwhile, the six princes prayed in their heart that he would be the chosen one. Then in a loud and clear voice, Puteri Mandalika Said, Oh my beloved mother and father, all the princes and especially the people of Teberu Kingdom. Today I would like to announce that I will not give myself to any one of the princes, but rather to all people of Teberu and my own kingdom. Then Puteri Mandalika threw herself into the sea from the top of a hill and disappeared. Everybody desperately search for her but she could not be found and people believed she was transformed into flowing sea worms called nyale

  1. The text is tell us about ?

  2. Why was it hard for the princess to choose one of the princes ?

  3. From the text we may conclude that

  4. The second paragraph is called , why?

  5. Please mention and explain the types of Narrative text !

  6. Please explain about the generic structure of recount text !

Question no 7-11 based on the announcement below


Kedaton, Bandar Lampung

Contact: 0822334714646

On Thursday the 17th of August 2014, we will carry out a variety of competition events, festivals, and carnivals to commemorate Indonesias independience Day. Nevertheless, all of these events are still in the planning and have not been done to be fixed. We will have a meeting firts to discuss the details of the events. Therefore, we invite you to participate in a meeting held tomorrow night at the village chiefs house.

Independience Day Commitee

  1. The writer of the announcement is ?

  2. The location of the announcement is ?

  3. The contact person of the announcement is ?

  4. Kedaton is located in?

  5. The content of the announcement is ?

  6. Please translete the announcement above into Indonesian !

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