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Mata Pelajaran: Bahasa InggrisHari /tanggal: 18 Oktober 2012

Kelas : IX (Sembilan)Waktu: 07.30 09.30 WIB


1. Tulislah lebih dahulu, nama, nomor peserta dan kelas pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia!

2. Bacalah lebih dulu setiap soal sebelum Anda mengerjakan!

3. Kerjakan lebih dahulu soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah!

4. Periksalah kembali pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas!



  1. For number 1 to 30 choose the correct answer by crossing (X) A, B, C, or D. Do it on your answer sheet.

The text is for questions number 1 to 3.

Jakarta, September 29th

Dear Rono,

Hello Ron, How are you? I will be in Yogjakarta on Sunday 21st next month. My brother and I will visit Prambanan temple on 22nd. I will be glad if you can book a room with a double bed for me and my brother for three days in Ambarukmo Hotel. One more request: Would it be possible to pick us up in Adi Sucipto? I realize that this may be difficult, but I would be grateful if you could try.

I look forward to meeting you on October 21st.



  1. What does Nakra come to Yogyakarta for?

    1. To stay in Ambarukmo Hotel.

    2. To see Prambanan temple.

    3. To ask Rono to pick him up.

    4. To look forward to meeting Rono.

  1. When will Nakra check out from the hotel?

    1. On September 29th

    2. On October 21st

    3. On October 22nd

    4. On October 23rd

  1. Would it be possible to pick up in Adi Sucipto?

The phrasal verb pick up means ….

  1. drop

  2. meet

  3. fetch

  4. guide

The text is for questions number 4 to 7.

Connecting Jet Flash (flash disk)

to a Computer

  1. Plug the Jet Flash directly into an available USB port on your desktop or notebook computer.

  2. When the Jet Flash is successfully connected to a computer, the Jet Flash s LED will light up. A Removable Disk drive* with a newly assigned drive letter indicating the Jet Flash will appear in Computer window. In addition, a Removable Hardware icon and an icon Quick Menu (provided you setup Jet Flash elite) will appear in the Windows System Tray

  3. After the Jet Flash is connected to the computer, you can start transferring data (files or folders) to the Jet Flash Just drag and drop them directly onto the Removable Disk icon that represents the Jet Flash .

  1. What does the text tell us about?

  1. The steps to install the Jet Flash .

  2. The steps to uninstall the Jet Flash .

  3. The steps to install Quick Menu of the Jet Flash.

  4. The steps to copy files and folders to the Jet Flash.

  1. What does the word them in the third step refer to?

  1. Jet Flashes.

  2. Removable disks.

  3. Data.

  4. Computers.

  1. What indicates that the Jet Flash is successfully connected to your computer?

  1. The Jet Flash s LED will light up.

  2. The computer is restarted automatically.

  3. The computer is removing the data to the Jet Flash .

  4. The Auto Log in of the Jet Flash is running.

  1. In addition, a Removable Hardware icon and an icon Quick Menu (provided you setup Jet Flash elite) will appear in the Windows System Tray.

The sentence implies

        1. If the icons do not appear, you must reinstall the Jet Flash elite.

        2. If the icons do not appear, you must check your hardware configuration.

        3. In some computers with different operating systems, the icons may not appear.

        4. You must install the icons so that the icons may appear in the Windows System Tray.

The text is for questions number 8 to 11.

Red Bird-of-paradise is a bird-of-paradise in the genus Paradisaea, family Paradiseidae. An Indonesian endemic, the Red Bird of Paradise is distributed to lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta islands of West Papua. This species shares its home with another bird of paradise, the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Hybridization between these two species are expected but not recorded yet.

The Red Bird of Paradise, Paradisaea rubra is a large, up to 33cm long, brown and yellow bird of paradise with a dark brown iris, grey legs and yellow bill. The male has an emerald green face, a pair of elongated black corkscrew-shaped tail wires, dark green feather pompoms above each eye and a train of glossy crimson red plumes with whitish tips at either side of the breast. The male measures up to 72 cm long, including the ornamental red plumes that require at least six years to fully attain. The female resembles the male but is smaller in size, with a dark brown face and has no ornamental red plumes. The diet consists mainly of fruits, berries and arthropods.

  1. What is the main idea of paragraph two?

        1. The classification of Red Bird.

        2. The description of Red Bird.

        3. The lenght of Red Bird.

        4. The colour of Red Bird.

  1. Which one is NOT true about Red Bird of Paradise?

        1. It is spread in West Papua.

        2. It lives with the Wilsons Bird-of-paradise.

        3. The male is bigger than the female.

        4. The female has ornamental red plumes..

  1. The male measures up to 72 cm long, including the ornamental red plumes.

The bold typed word has the same meaning as ….

        1. tails

        2. legs

        3. bills

        4. feathers

  1. How long does it require to fully get ornamental red plumes?

        1. at least 6 years.

        2. less than 6 years.

        3. 33 cm long.

        4. 72 cm long.

The text is for questions number 12 to 13.

How to make jelly

Making jelly is very simple by following these directions.

You will need one packet of jelly crystals, a 500 ml jug, 250 ml of boiling water, 200 ml of cold water, and a bowl

  1. Empty the contents of a packet of jelly crystals into the jug.

  2. Add boiling water.

  3. Stir well until crystals dissolve.

  4. Add the cold water and stir.

  5. Pour mixture into a bowl.

  6. Refrigerate until firm.

  1. What should you do after pouring mixture?

    1. Stir the mixture until dissolved.

    2. Serve it when it is still hot.

    3. Let the mixture until cold.

    4. Dissolve the mixture.

  1. How much boiling water do we need if we use one and half packet of jelly crystal?

        1. 500 ml.

        2. 250 ml.

        3. 375 ml.

        4. 125 ml.

The text is for questions number 14 to 16.


Mesothelioma in itself is one of the deadliest diseases ever to have been discovered by mankind. (General Classification)

Medically, Mesothelioma as a word itself means a tumor that is more likely to transform in a fast proliferating cancer which affects the mesothelial cells of an organ, which form the protective thin covering over the organs like heart, lungs and abdomen. Whatever is the verbal definition given out to this deadly disease, but those can never for sure weigh the deadliness of this fatal disease. It is an absolutely fatal disease which has taken many a people into its deadly grip. The maximum period of survival after the disease has been diagnosed, has come to the most of a year or two. It is worse form of cancer which is not curable. However, recent studies have suggested that if the disease can be diagnosed at a very early stage then the life of the individual who gets affected by this deadly disease, can be stretched till at the most of 5 years.

The main cause of mesothelioma has been detected as to the prolonged exposure to asbestos. Most of the patients that have been diagnosed with the disease, had acquired the disease cause of prolonged exposure to asbestos. The statistics of the mesothelioma patients has revealed the connection between the asbestos and the dangerous cancer syndrome.

  1. What is the communicative purpose of the text above?

        1. to describe mesothelioma in general.

        2. to describe a particular mesothelioma.

        3. to inform how to avoid mesothelioma.

        4. to entertain the readers about mesothelioma.

  1. Which one is NOT true about mesothelioma? It is .

        1. a tumor.

        2. a deadly disease.

        3. a curable disease

        4. worse form of cancer.

  1. What causes mesothelioma?

        1. Disease.

        2. Tumor.

        3. Asbestos.

        4. Cancer

The text is for questions number 17 to 18.


Especially for infants and children.

Indication: sore throat, cough, abnormal

secretion of sputa

Dosage :

* Infants under 6 months:

1 teaspoonful 2 daily

* Infants over 6 months:

1 teaspoonful 3 daily

* Adults :

1 – 2 teaspoonful 3 daily

or as prescribed by the physician

(1 tsp. = 5 ml )

Available : in bottles of 60 ml/90 ml


  1. How long will an infant under 6 months spend a bottle of 60 ml?

        1. 2 days

        2. 6 days

        3. 4 days

        4. 8 days

  1. The medicine is …

        1. for external use.

        2. a cure for cough.

        3. for the relief of stomach pains.

        4. available on medical prescription only.

The text is for questions number 17 to 18.


As part of a big group of institution in informal education, ESTU seeks:






3: experiences are preferred

1,2,4 : max. 25 years/Mech/Instr/STM/D1

Please send your application,

CV, Recent photo

& contact telp no. within 3 week after this advertisement to: The Personal Manager, ESTU Klaten

  1. What does the advertisement tell us about?

        1. Vacation resort

        2. A big group of institution

        3. Applicants Qualifications

        4. A Job Vacancy

  1. The institution is seeking for teachers who

        1. never teach.

        2. have no experiences.

        3. have ever taught.

        4. just graduated.

Choose the correct answer to complete the following text.

How to stop Nose Bleeding

    1. First, loosen the clothing around your neck.

    2. Put a … (21) in the bleeding nostril.

    3. Then, sit down with your head … (22).

    4. Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding.

    5. If your nose … (23) to bleed, call a doctor.

  1. … A. finger

  1. stick

  2. cotton pad

  3. paper

  1. … A. nodding

  1. leaning forward

  2. shaking

  3. turning

  1. … A. continues

  1. stops

  2. starts

  3. pours

Complete the following paragraph with correct word for number 24 to 27

A virus is a program a piece of executable code that has the possibly of cloning … (24). Computer viruses can spread fast and they are hard to … (25).

Viruses program can be … (26) to any type of file and they are spread as files copied and sent from person to person. They can be contacted from a floppy disk or Cd, they can be launched when opening a program or … (27) a file, any file, or they can be brought from the internet by downloading a file or accessing a web page and as attachments to e-mails.

  1. … A. themselves

  1. herself

  2. himself

  3. itself

  1. … A. eradicate

  1. imitate

  2. find

  3. contaminate

  1. … A. wiped

  1. deleted

  2. brought

  3. attached

  1. … A. closing

  1. accessing

  2. downloading

  3. copying

  1. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

  1. Some of the places where they live are Africa, India, and Australia.

  2. They hunt mammals and birds which come to the river to drink.

  3. Crocodiles are the largest and the most dangerous reptile

  4. They can also attack and kill people.

  5. They have large mouths and many sharp teeth.

  6. They live in the rivers.

    1. 3 6 1 5 2 – 4

    2. 3 6 5 1 2 – 4

    3. 1 6 3 5 2 – 4

    4. 1 6 3 5 42

  1. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

  1. Take out the receipt.

  2. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.

  3. Read the direction.

  4. Put your card into the slot.

  5. When your money appears, remove it.

  6. Punch in your PIN.

  7. When the choice appears, select withdrawal from checking.

  8. When the machine asks if you are finished, press yes.

        1. 2 1 5 4 8 3 6 7

        2. 6 2 7 8 1 3 4 5

        3. 2 1 3 6 5 4 7 8

        4. 3 4 6 7 2 5 8 1

  1. Arrange these words into a good sentence.

yourself the exam prepare

1 2 3 4

face to final next.

5 6 7 8

  1. 2 8 7 3 4 1 6 – 5

  2. 4 1 6 5 2 8 7 – 3

  3. 2 7 3 6 8 4 1 – 5

  4. 5 2 8 7 3 6 4 1

  1. Completion

Read the following text to complete the statements number 31 to 35.

Text 1

Crisp Roast Duck


      • 1 Long island duck 1 tablespoon salt

      • 2 cups boiling-hot water 1 teaspoon black pepper


  1. Put oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 200 C.

  2. Rinse duck inside and out. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork.

  3. Pour boiling-hot water over duck (to tighten skin). Cool duck.

  4. Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper

  5. Roast duck, breast side up, until skin is brown and crisp, then remove from the oven.

  1. The text shows us the instructions to make Crisp Roast Duck

  2. We use Sharp Fork to prick the skin of the duck.

  3. Boiling Hot Water is used to make the skin of the duck tight.

  4. Remove the duck from the oven when its skin is Brown and Crisp

  5. Prick means making a small hole in something.

Read the following text to complete the statements number 36 to 40.

Text 2

`E-mail is a popular communication facility. Every day, people in this world who have internet access send billions of e-mail messages. E-mail can send any messages around the world.

An e-mail is simply only a text message. In the beginning and even today, e-mail messages contain a short piece of text. At present, attachment makes many e-mail messages quite longer. With attachments, e-mail messages continue to be more sophisticated. It can send audio files, audio-video files, pictures, documents, etc.

People can register to a certain email service provider. They will get their email address in the format of —- (email account)@—-(email service provider). The "@" sign is to indicate that the user is ‘at’ some service provider.

With the WWW, email starts to be made available with friendly web by providers such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Now, e-mail is usually without charge. Everyone has at least one email address. At present, e-mail is used by not just millions, but hundreds of millions of people.

  1. To send e-mail, we need to have Internet access.

  2. E-mail messages are longer because they consist of Attachment

  3. Yahoo and Hotmail are called Providers

  4. Using e-mail is free of Charge now.

  5. E-mail is more Sophisticated than traditional mail.

Complete the following text below with correct word for number 41 to 43.

Klaten, 15th October 2012

Dear Shinta,

Hi there. How are things with you? Its good to know that you are doing fine in business. Have you Received / Got (41) my postcard?

I am now sitting in my hotel room writing a letter to you about my wonderful holiday. I think this is the most wonderful holiday have I ever had. The people are very friendly. There are a lot of interesting tourist Objects (42) to visit, beautiful local art and craft, tasty traditional food, and much more.

Its Thursday today. I cant believe this is my last day. I wish I could spend more time here. I am certain I will stay longer on my next visit.

Ill be home at about 3 plane tomorrow if the Flight(43) is on time. On Monday I must go back to work, I can’t wait to show my video to my class.

Okay, that’s all for now. Send my love to your children. Bye.

Best wishes from,


Complete the following text below with correct word for number 44 to 45.

Beautiful Beach

Hotel and Restaurant

Single rooms or double rooms

Air Conditioned rooms

Cool and warm bathing

Rp 500,000.00 one night

25% Free / Discount for children under 5 years

Breakfast and soft drink for free

Get 10% discount this month

Please come before the end of December 2012

  1. Essay

Read the following text and answer the questions number 46 to 50.

Sapodilla is a tropical evergreen fruit-bearing tree belongs to the family of sapotaceae of the genus: Manilkara. Scientific  name: Manilkara Zapata.

Sapodilla or Sapota is originated from the central American rain forests, probably in Mexico and Belize, it has now spread all over the tropical belt and is being grown as a major commercial crop in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. The tree grows very fast and is wind and drought resistant suitable for dry arid regions with scanty rains. However, irrigation during summer season results in good fruit yield.

Sapodilla or chikoo is a delicious tropical fruit which is rich in vitamins, minerals and health benefiting anti-oxidant tannins. The fruit is soft, composed of easily digestible pulp made up with simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that replenishes energy and revitalizes the body instantly.

Each fruit is a berry, round or oval, measures about 10 cm in diameter, and weigh about 150 g. A tree bears as many as 2000 fruits/year.

Sapota fruit is brown in color with sandy potato like outer surface. Internally, the pulp is white with sticky latex called as saponin in unripe fruits. It disappears once the fruit ripens and the pulp turns to brown color. Pulp is deliciously sweet with smooth or grainy texture and contains 3-10 black colored smooth, shiny bean shaped inedible seeds in the center.

  1. What does the text tell us about? The text tell us about Sapodilla

  2. What are the other names of sapodilla? Manilkara Zapata

  3. What do Indonesian farmers grow sapodilla as? Indonesian Farmers grow Sapodilla as Major commercial crops.

  4. What does the word It in the last paragraph refer to? The word it is refers to Saponin (Sticky Latex)

  5. Based on the text, which part of the fruit cannot be eaten? The part of the fruit cannot be eaten is seeds

Arrange these words into a good sentence.

  1. container the – place into the blender ingredients

  2. fruit is in for many – guava cultivated tropical countries edible.

  3. will – have never till you tried know – you

  4. Arrange these sentences into a good procedure text telling about How to prepare healthy food.

  1. Cover cooked food so flies don’t walk all over it.

  2. Don’t forget to clean under your finger-nails too.

  3. Use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds-the same time as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

  4. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, especially if they will be eaten raw. Just use water, don’t use soap for that.

  5. First wash your hands well.

  6. Rinse off the soap then dry your hands on a clean towel.

  7. Keep uncooked and cooked meat separate.

  1. Arrange these sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

  1. It contains vitamin and minerals.

  2. It can be used to cure wound caused by burning.

  3. Pick the leaves, peel the rind, then squeeze the sticky liquid and spread it over the wound.

  4. Aloe Vera is a multifunctional plant.

  5. It is easy and simple to heal the wound with aloe vera.

  6. Aloe Vera also can be made into healthy drink to prevent rheumatism and diabetes.

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