Soal Bahasa Inggris Smk Kumpulan Soal-soal Untuk Sangat

English Examination

Grade: XI

A. Choose the right answer below!

On June 7, the company will hold its first world-wide video-conference. All twenty facilities will be linked by a satellite broadcasting system so that employees can see and speak with each other. Officials of the Zurich head office will begin the conference by telling us about their goals for the next ten years. Next, each facility manager will speak about current challenges. The last hour will be devoted to questions from the floor at all location. Due to time differences, employees in Asia and South America will have to come to their broadcast facilities outside of regular business hours. Additional pay will be provided for them for this inconvenience.

1. What will be the first agenda item at the conference?

A. Plans for a decade

B. Twenty-year goals

C. Present challenges

D. Questions from employees

2. Why will some employees receive extra pay?

A. They must speak at the conference

B. The conference will take place before or after work

C. They must travel to other offices to attend

D. Their department have met certain goals

3. I ____ to lock the door yesterday.

A. forget C. forgot

B. forgotten D. forgets

4. When did the workers arrive?

A. The workers arrives an hour ago.

B. The workers arrived an hour ago.

C. The workers arriving an hour ago.

D. The workers is arriving

5. She is in the third grade now, next year she ____ a university student.

A. will C. is

B. will be D. are

6. What will you do later?

A. I went to library with my friends.

B. I go to library with my friends.

C. I am go to library with my friends.

D. I will go to library with my friends.

7. Who did teach English lesson yesterday?

A. Mr. Rahmat will teach English lesson tomorrow.

B. Mr. Rahmat is teaching English lesson today.

C. Mr. Rahmat taught English lesson yesterday.

D. Mr. Rahmat has taught English lesson.

8. Yesterday, I _____ my mother to the market. The day after tomorrow I will ____ alone.

A. accompany go C. accompanying go

B. accopanies go D. accompanied go

9. He is a dilligent student. Next time, he ____ a succesfull people.

A. is C. are

B. will D. will be

10. My friend ____ his painting next Monday.

A. showed C. showing

B. will show D. has shown

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