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Kelas: XI Jumlah soal: 30 butir soal pilihan ganda


  1. Jawaban dikerjakan pada lembar soal

  2. Sebelum mengerjakan soal-soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu pada lembar jawaban: nomor peserta ujian, nama lengkap, dan asal sekolah SMP/MTs!

  3. Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat/benar dan berilah tanda kolom pilihan jawaban yang disediakan!

  4. Berilah tanda pada satu pilihan jawaban saja untuk satu soal! Bila tanda X lebih dari satu untuk satu soal, maka jawaban dianggap salah.

  5. Jika terjadi kesalahan memilih jawaban, maka coretlah tanda dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada jawaban yang dianggap salah (contoh : X ), kemudian berilah tanda pada jawaban yang dianggap benar.

  6. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika, atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.

  7. Berdoalah sebelum mengerjakan

  8. Periksalah pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian!

The A to Z of world currencies goes from the Afghani, used in Afghanistan, through the Zloty, used in Poland. Each of these currencies has a different value when compared to another currency. Often a countrys currency is linked to a hard currency, such as the UK pound European euro, or the US dollar.

The value of each currencies changes on a daily basis. Companies that are involved in international trade need to look at currency exchange rates when they are doing business with other countries. People who are traveling to other countries also need to think about the currencies that they will need to use in the countries they are visiting.

In Europe, every country in the European Union used to have its own currency. All of these countries trade with each other and people often travel from one country to another. In the past, people were always having to change the currency that they were using. In March 2002, most European countries stopped using their own currencies and changed to a new single currency called euro. Britain decided to keep the pound and did not change to the euro.

1. Which countries have the hardest currencies?

a. United Kingdom and Hongkong

b. European and Germany

c. United States and Japan

d. United Kingdom and European

2. How often do exchange rates change?

a. every hourc. every week

b. everyday d. every month

3. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?

a. Britain decides to keep the pound.

b. In March 2002, most European countries

stopped using their own currencies.

c. Every country in European Union used to have its own currencies.

d. Most European countries change their currencies to euro.

4. Five pounds and fifty-six pence is

a. 5.56c. 5.56

b. 5.56 d. 5.56

5. Five dollars and fifty-six cents is

a. $ 5.56c. $ 5.56p

b. 5.56p d. 0.56

6. Container is

a. to work on one type of goods.

b. a large metal box for moving goods.

c. ready to travel to a particular place.

d. made by someone with a special skill.

7.A strong and hard Asian wood is

a. teakc. domestic market

b. trading house d. specialize

8. Brian: Can I talk to you for a few minutes?

Samian: Yes, of course you can.

The underlined sentence expresses

a. requestc. apology

b. possibilityd. ability

9. Samian: Can I get you something to drink?

Brian: Yes, that would be very nice. Can I just have some cold water, please?

From the dialog above, we know that Samian is

a. requesting some drink

b. inviting Brian

c. offering some drink

d. asking for something

10. Well, if I cant do all the work here, I can work with my brother. He has another workshop in the village and I can split the order with him. Ive been able to do that with a number of orders recently, Samian said.

The underlined sentence expresses

a. possibility c. future ability

b. abilityd. past ability

11. The synonym of split (line 3) is

a. sortc. divide

b. multiplyd. give

12. We can express something by using can, except

a. requestc. command

b. offerd. ability

If you are thinking of studying at a university overseas, or getting a job at an international company when you leave school, you might have to an interview with someone in English. If you have an interview in English, how well do you think you will do?

People are often nervous in interviews. Always use the simplest and clearest English you know. An interviewer will be more impressed with someone who uses simple, clear English well and with confidence. As someone once said, Always speak with a KISS! Here, KISS means keep it short and simple!

13. When might we have to have an interview in English?

a. when we want to get a job.

b. when we want to study at university.

c. when we want to study at a university overseas.

d. when we have an interview.

14. Why should we use simple English in interviews?

a. to make the interviewers impressed.

b. to make the language not understood.

c. to make the language clear.

d. to make the interviewers confident.

15. These are the words that represent good English, except

a. clear, easy, fluent

b. short, confident, clear

c. clear, short, simple

d. complicated, easy, speak

16.Damn! The engine wont start.

Have you done anything to this tractor? he shouted to Harry.

The underlined phrase is expressing

a. asking for something

b. curiosity

c. complaint

d. command

17. I havent done anything, replied Harry. It was fine when I used it yesterday.

You must be doing something wrong,

The underlined phrase shows that Harry is

a. accusing someone else

b. promising

c. complaining

d. asking

18. You were the last person to use the tractor. So, its your fault its not working now!

The underlined phrase is expressing

a. blame c. curiosity

b. complaintd. command

19. A narrative usually includes these elements, except

a. introductionc. arguments

b. complicationd. resolution

The human race is different to all the (20) of animals on earth. Humans have the ability to (21) .. and to learn new things. In the many thousands of years that have passed since early man (22) . fire and made tools from stone, millions of new things have been discovered and (23) . .

20. a. televisionc. species

b. thinkd. invented

21. a. speciesc. Java Man

b. toolsd. think

22. a. lightc. discovered

b. inventedd. application

23. a. inventedc. species

b. think d. animal

24. Someone who works in an area of science is called

a. designerc. scientist

b. inventord. developer

25. Discover means

a. to be the first to find, or find out, about something.

b. the way that something is made to look and work.

c. someone who creates or makes new things.

d. to create and make something which is new.

26. A doctor that carries out operations is called

a. surgeonc. dentist

b. oculistd. doctor

In 1945, scientists in America invented the atomic bomb. On 6th August that year, America dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It was the first time that a weapon of mass destruction such as this had ever been used. The bomb, called Little Boy, killed around 70,000 people.

27. Which statement below is true based on the passage?

a. America invented Little Boy in 1945.

b. America dropped Little Boy in different year of its invention.

c. Little Boy killed 70,000 people in Japan.

d. Little Boy is not a weapon of mass destruction.

28. The statements below are true, except

a. Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

b. The first atomic bomb was called Little Boy.

c. The inventor of the atomic bomb is from America.

d. Atomic bomb is not a weapon of mass destruction.

29. The passage above is about

a. economics and currencies

b. politics

c. science and technology

d. arts and culture

Medical science has made great advances over the last 150 years. During this time cures and vaccines have been found for many deadly diseases. However, there is one disease for which there is no cure and no vaccine. It is a disease that kills millions of people every year. Over 8,000 people die from this disease everyday. Thats about one more dead person every eleven seconds. Its name? HIV/AIDS

30.AIDS stands for

a. Acute Immunes Deficiency Sickness.

b. Accused Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.

c. Acute Immunodeficiency Sickness.

d. Acute Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

31. Which statement below is true?

a. More than 56,000 people die from this disease every week.

b. There are 8,000 people die from this disease everyday.

c. HIV/AIDS has a vaccine.

d. The vaccine of HIV/AIDS was found since 150 years ago.

Interviewer: What else do you think will be invented?

Mr. Edison: Im sure that one day, people will travel in an aero plane that can go straight up in the air as well as forward.

32.From the dialogue above, we know that Mr. Edison expresses

a. certaintyc. uncertainty

b. possibilityd. impossibility

33. These are the expressions of certainty, except

a. I am totally convinced

b. I think it is likely

c. I am absolutely certain

d. I am in no doubt

34.In the dialogue, Mr. Edison is sure that a thing will be invented in the future. What is this thing?

a. a travelc. an aero plane

b. a televisiond. a straight up

35. Tom: Do you think its likely to rain this afternoon?

Husein: Yes, I think theres a very good chance it will. Just look at those dark clouds over there.

The underlined sentence is expressing

a. certaintyc. possibility

b. uncertaintyd. impossibility

The British Parliament is often called the Mother of Parliaments as it is one of the (36) representative assemblies in the world. It was founded in the middle of the thirteenth century and its original role was to help the (37). rule the country.

36a. electionc. salary

b. oldestd. right

37. a. chambersc. Parliaments

b. King d. Cabinet

38.A country ruled by a King or Queen is called

a. Parliamentc. Monarchy

b. Republicd. Commonwealth

39. Cabinet is.

a. people of high social position.

b. a group of people who decide government policy.

c. a group of people who make laws.

d. a group of people who represent other people.

40. It (line 2) refers to

a. British Parliament

b. British King

c. British Queen

d. Mother of Parliaments


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