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Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Semester Ganjil

Kelas : IV ( Empat)

Tahun Pelajaran 2012/2013

I.      Berilah tanda silang (x) pada huruf a, b, c, atau d untuk jawaban yang benar pada lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan!

1.          Selvi    : Good afternoon, Alvi ?

Alvi     : . , Selvi

a.  Good evening                                             c.  Good morning

b.  Good night                                                 d.  Good afternoon

2.          Diva    : Good morning, Della ? how are you ?

Della   : Good morning, Diva. 

a.  See you later                                              c.  Youre welcome

b.  I must be going                                          d.  Im very well, thanks

3.          Read the text :

Dika and Bombi are students. They study at elementary school in the fourth years. They are in the classroom now. They are studying about greetings. Their English teacher in Mr. Kheir. And now he is explaining  how to greet someone. Some expressions of greetings are good evening, hi, hello, how are you, how do you do, and etc.

What are Dika and Bombi studying about ?             

a.  greetings                                                    c.  expression

b.  classroom                                                  d.  elementary school

4.               Dessy  : I want to go home now.

Mia      : Ok. See you and

a.  be good                                                      c.  be happy

b.  be careful                                                   d.  hello

5.          Dinda  : Hello, Dona. This is salma, my friend.

Dinda  : Hi, I am Dinda. How do you do?

Salma  : .

a.  How do you do                                           c.  I am Salma,Good bye.

b.  I am fine, thank you                                    d.  See you again

6.          Hello, . Is Tanti. I am from Bandung. Now, I am studying at Elementary state 09 Joglo, West Jakarta in the fourth years. I am happy to know you all. Thank you very much.

a.  your name                                                  c.  my name

b.  her name                                                    d.  their name

7.          Read the text :

Hello, my name is Reksi is a student. I study at elementary school in the fourth years. I am in the classroom now. I am studying about greetings. My English teacher in Mr. Kheir. And now he is explaining  how to greet someone. Some expressions of greetings are good evening, hi, hello, how are you, how do you do, and etc.

Where does Reksi study ?

a.  in Junior High School                                c.  In University

b.  In Elementary School                                d.  In Vocational School

8.          I use my right . To shake with people.

a.  foot                                                             c.  eye

b.  ear                                                              d.  hand

9.          Ei-yu-ji-yu-es-ti, is the spelling for

a.  September                                                  c.  June

b.  August                                                       d.  November

10.       I have my smart cousin. The correct spelling of Cousin is

a.  si ou es ai en                                  c.  si ou yu es ai en

b.  k – ei ou yu es – in                             d. ci ou es ie i – en

11.       Bona    : Who are the boys ?

Tiar     : They are my brothers. The meaning of brother is

a.   ayah                                                           c.  paman

b.   saudara laki-laki                                       d.  kakek

12.       Farah   : How is your brother?

Sandra : ..

a.  He is very well, thank you                         c.  They are very well, thank you

b.  I am very wel, thank you                           d.  We are very well, thank you

13.       Twelve plus thirteen equals

a.  twenty five                                                 c.  thirty two

b.  twenty three                                               d.  twenty two

14.       97 25 = 72. The English for this number is       

a.  seventy nine minus twenty five is seventy two                                                   

b.  ninety seven minus twenty is seventy two

c.  ninety seven minus twenty three is seventy two                         

d.  ninety seven minus twenty five is seventy two

15.       Albar     : What is the result twenty times four ?

Ahdan   : Its .

a.  one hundred                                               c.  eighty

b.  ninety                                                         d.  eighty one

16.       Rizaldy  : . tables are there in the classroom ?

Kahfi     : There are fourty one tables.

a.  How much                                                  c.  How many

b.  How long                                                   d.  How does

17.       Jasmine           : What picture is it ?

Aladin             :  It is

a.  table                                                           c.  curtain

b.  window                                                      d.  cupboard

18.       Table, chair, bag, book, are things in the .

a.  bedroom                                                     c.  bathroom

b.  classroom                                                  d.  diningroom

19.       The . Are learning in the classroom with a teacher.

a.  father                                                          c.  students

b.  driver                                                         d.  man

20.       Clean with eraser whiteboard an we the.  The correct sentence is

a.  We clean the whiteboard with an eraser   c. The whiteboard we clean with eraser

b.  Clean the eraser with whiteboard             d. The eraser clean an whiteboard

21.       Ria      : I am going to have an examination today.

Azura  :  . And do the best on your exam.

a.  Thank you                                                  c.  Good night

b.  Good luck                                                  d.  Good morning

22.       Tina     : Good bye Mila,  . !

Mila    : Bye, See you !

a.  I am fine                                                     c.  Sorry

b.  Thanks.                                                      d.  See you

23.       Tasya   : Where will you go now, Siska ?

Siska   : I want to go home now.

Tasya  : OK, and thank for your coming.

Siska   : See you tomorrow, Tasya!

Tasya  : See you!

Siska   : Bye

Tasya  : Be careful!

Where will Siska go ?

a.  She will go home now                               c.  She  will say good bye

b.  She will come to you                                 d.  She will see you tomorrow


24.       Destri  : I want to go home now.

Asri     : OK. See you and

a.  be good                                                      c.  be careful

b.  hello                                                           d.  be happy

25.       Andini : Ani, Let me  introduce you to my friend, Eka.

Ani      : Hi, I am Ani. How do you do?

Eka      : How do you do.

Who is Eka ?

a.  Anis friend                                               c.  my friend

b.  Andinis friend                                          d.  your friend

26.       We say .  To the person for the first time we meet.

a.  how are you                                               c.  how do you do

b.  hello, guys                                                 d.  Hi

27.       Our body has parts. They are head,body and foot.

a.  one                                                             c.  three

b.  four                                                                        d.  five

28.       My teacher writes the lesson on the . With boardmarker.

a.  Ruler                                                          c.  blackboard

b.  whiteboard                                                 d.  cupboard

29.        bi a: – ou ti eich i a: is the spelling of

a.  bother                                                         c.  sister

b.  brother                                                       d.  gooder

30.        uncle my goes market to . The correct sentence is

a.  Uncle goes to my market                          c.  Goes to market my uncle

b.  My uncle to goes market                           d.  My uncle goes to market.

31.       My step mother is really beautiful. Step mother means

a.  Ibu kandung                                               c.  Ibu tiri

b.  Ibu mertua                                                 d.  Bibi

32.       Luna    : How many brother and sister do you have, Rama ?

Rama   : I have two . And one sister.

a.  brothers                                                      c.  mother

b.  brother                                                       d.  father

33.       Thirty four minus eleven plus two equal

a.  25                                                               c.  30

b.  23                                                               d.  26

34.       Teacher : How many students are there in the classroom ?

Alma     : ..  fourty students.

a.  There is                                                      c.  there are

b.  only                                                            d.  they are

35.       Fifteen minus twelve plus seventeen equal

a.  thirty                                                          c.  twenty

b.  twenty one                                                 d.  nineteen

II.  Isilah pertanyaan di bawah ini dengan tepat !

36.       Today is my birthday. My friends say   to me.

37.       Dont talk too much. Close your .., please !

38.       The spelling of mother is  

39.       We have two . for listening.

40.       Teacher    : Dont be noise. to me, please !

Students  : Yes, sir.

41.       My name is Marisa. I spell

42.       20 + 10 = 30 , The English of the number is

43.       In the afternoon, we say

44.       Jimmy  : Thank you, Rani. See you tomorrow.

Rani      :

45.       Miranda : I will have test tomorrow.

Maya      : ., I wish you can do it well.

Miranda : Thank you.



III. Jawablah soal di bawah ini dengan jawaban yang singkat dan tepat !

46.       Mention 3 part of body and their meanings !

Answer :

47.       Which part of our body we use for :

1.  seeing : .

2.  listening : .

3.  walking : ..

48.       Have to speak mouth and I eat .  Rearrange the word into a good sentence !

Answer  : 

49.       Rearrange the sentences below into a good paragraph !

1. Hi, Sandy, Good afternoon

2. I am fine thanks, How about you ?

3. I am fine too. Thank you. Are you going home ?

4. Hi, Umar, Good afternoon. How are you ?

5. Yes, bye Sandy

6. Good bye Umar.

Answer : …

50.       Rearrange the words below into a good sentence !

1. grandmother Mrs. Sutini my is  

2. happy I family have a                                                     

Answer : 




1.         D                     11.       B                     21.       B                     31.       C

2.         D                     12.       A                     22.       D                     32.       A

3.         A                     13.       A                     23.       A                     33.       A

4.         B                     14.       D                     24.       C                     34.       C

5.         A                     15.       C                     25.       B                     35.       C

6.         C                     16.       C                     26.       C

7.         B                     17.       A                     27.       C

8.         D                     18.       B                     28.       B

9.         B                     19.       C                     29.       B

10.       C                     20.       A                     30.       D


36.  Happy Birthday

37.  mouth

38.  (em ou ti eich i a: )

39.  ears

40.  Listen

41.  (em ei a: – ai es ei )

42.  Twenty plus ten equal thirty

43.  Good afternoon

44.  See you tomorrow, too.

45.  Good luck


46.  Stomach (perut), shoulder (pundak), hand (tangan). ( Free answer/ ttg bagian tubuh)

47.  Eyes, Ears, and leg/foot.

   48.  I have mouth to speak and eat.

49.  1. Hi, Sandy, Good afternoon

4. Hi, Umar, Good afternoon. How are you ?

2. I am fine thanks, How about you ?

3. I am fine too. Thank you. Are you going home ?

5. Yes, bye Sandy

6. Good bye Umar.


1 –  4 2 3 5 6

50. 1. Mrs. Sutini is my grandmother

      2. I have a happy family.

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