Soal Bahasa Inggris Nama : Hamidah Oktafiani 71

Nama : Hamidah oktafiani 71

1 . student : Good morning, mam

Teacher : Good morning, how are you?

Student : ……………….

Teacher : Just fine, thank you

a. we are fine,thanks.and you ?

b. we are all right. Whats wrong?

c. we are students.and you?

d. we are happy.who are you?

the dialog is for number 2-3

Susan : what are you doing?

Dede : i am (9)… a novel

Susan : do you like it?

Dede : (10)….it is my hobby

2. b.reads read d.reading

3. a.yes,i am,i am not

b.yes,i do,i dont

read the lesson, please read the text to

answer no.4 to 7


  1. Remove cap of bottle

  2. Screw bottle into the baygon vaporizer

  3. Connect into power source.the vaporizer will start working.

Disconnect the vaporizer from power source if not in use.the liquid refill

Bottle lasts up to 45 days for 8 hours usage per night

The baygon liquid refill bottle works only with the baygon vaporizer

4. what is the second step to use baygon ?

a.connect the power source

b.screw bottle into the baygon vaporizer

c.the vaporizer will start working


5. how many steps are mentioned in the text?

a.45 days for 8 hours




6. what kind of the text is it?

a. functional text

b. ideational text

c. descriptive

d. procedure

7. … connect into power source.

The underlined word can be replaced with

a.join c.plug

b.disconnect d. Fill


Where do we find this notice?


b. air port

d.railway station

9. there is a dining room

Dining room means a room in which

a. you keep money

b. you keep books

c. you eat meals

d. you keep clothes

10.A big house usually has a study

A study is a room in which a person

a.plays in

b.writers a letter

c.listens to the radio

d.studies, reads ,writes,etc.

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