Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas Vi

On Sunday Ani doesnt go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttlefish. In the market is very crowded.

1. The appropriate tittle for the text above is ..

A. Going to the market

B. Going to the hospital

C. Going to the zoo

D. Going to the restaurant

2. .. and .. go to market

A. Ani and her sister

B. Ani and her brother

C. Ani and her mother

D. Ani and her father

3. She buys some .. and .. at the fishmonger.

A. Goldfish and crab

B. Goldfish and cuttlefish

C. goldfish and potatoes

D. carrot and goldfish

4. Anis goes to market on ..

A. Sunday

B. Monday

C. Saturday

D. Tuesday

5. The situation in the market is very ..

A. silenty

B. noisy

C. happily

D. crowded

6. Ade : Where are you sleeping?

Andri : I sleep in the ..

A. Living room

B. Bathroom

C. Bedroom

D. Kitchen

7. I want to take a bath, I need a .. to wash my body.

A. Soap

B. Toothpaste

C. Detergent

D. Shampoo


She wants to make a line. She needs a ..

A. Eraser

B. Ruler

C. Blackboard

D. Vase

9. Student : I am .. sir, I come late.

Teacher : Thats ok, please sit down.

A. Good

B. Fine

C. Sorry

D. Thank you

10. Nita : .. you close the door?

Ari : Oh sure. Ill close it.

Nita : Thank you.

Ari : Youre welcome.

A. May

B. Can

C. Please

D. Lets

11. Mr. Hasan is my aunts husband, he is my ..

A. uncle

B. grandfather

C. mother

D. grandmother

12. Mr. Tono : Excuse me, Sir, where do you live?

Mr. Yamin : I live .. Bandung

A. At

B. On

C. In

D. With

13. Waiter : Hello, good afternoon, may I help you?

Customer : Good afternoon. Yes, I want to order some food.

Waiter : What do you want to order, Sir?

Customer : I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken.

Waiter : Wait minute, Sir.

Customer : Sure.

The conversation above take place in the ..

A. Hospital

B. Restaurant

C. Market

D. Zoo

14. Want see I to movie film the a in.

The right arrangement is ..

A. I want to see a film in the movie

B. I see want a film in the movie

C. I want to see movie in a film

D. I want a film to see in the movie


Dont forget to stuck a .. on the envelope.

A. Stamp

B. Picture

C. Register letter

D. Ticket

16. A hole on the top of the mountain is called ..

A. Slopes

B. Hill

C. Crater

D. River


I want to buy spine candy. I need some .. to buy it.

A. Money

B. Check

C. Coin

D. Ticket

18. Anita has .. She often goes to the closet. She need an oralite.

A. headache

B. thyphoid


D. stomachache

19. .. is a place for tourists to stay when they spend a holiday.

A. Post office

B. Hotel

C. Movie

D. Bank


I like a slice of .. Ill put some jam and cheese on it.

A. Sausage

B. Fried Rice

C. Potato

D. Bread

21. It is a name of vegetable. The color is purple.

A. Cabbage

B. Brinjal

C. Carrot

D. Cucumber

22. Ari has seven marbles, Rudi has three marbles.

They have .. marbles.

A. eleven

B. nine

C. ten

D. twelve


What time is it ..

A. It is a quarter to nine

B. It is a quarter past nine

C. It is quarter past nine

D. It is nine past quarter

24. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is ..

A. Wednesday

B. Sunday

C. Monday

D. Thursday

25. We are celebrating Kartinis day on ..

A. August 17th

B. May 2nd

C. October 5th

D. April 21st

26. He learns about geography and economics in .. subject.

A. Mathematics

B. Science

C. English

D. Social science

27. My Father is a .. He can fly an airplane.

A. Teacher

B. Pilot

C. Engineer

D. Carpenter

28. My classroom is clean, but your classroom is ..

A. Clever

B. Rich

C. Dirty

D. Beautiful

29. c-s-h-o-l-o-u-g-a-r-d

The right arrangement is ..

A. Schoolguard

B. Guardschool

C. Schoolgaurd

D. Carpenter

30. I have .. every morning, before going to school.

A. Lunch

B. Dinner

C. Hungry

D. Breakfast

31. Tomorrow I will go to Jakarta. I take a .. from station.

A. Train

B. Bus

C. Airplane

D. Ship

32. The beautiful beach in Sukabumi is ..

A. Pangandaran

B. Carita

C. Sanur

D. Pelabuhan Ratu

33. Mr. Arman is a farmer. He works in the ..

A. Post office

B. Rice field

C. School

D. Hospital


I wear a .. on my neck. The colour is pink.

A. Shorts

B. Shirt

C. Tie

D. Belt

35. My mother wears a .. on her finger.

A. necklace

B. ring

C. hair band

D. hat

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