Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Smt 1

Choose either a, b, c, or d for the correct answer. Questions 13 are based on the dialogue.

Deni is a new student. He meets Hari in the canteen.

Deni  :  Hi, my name is Deni. What is your name?

Hari   :  Hi, my name is Hari. Are you a new student?

Deni  :  Yes, I am. Im in 1C, and you? Hari   :  Me, too. Then we are classmates.

1.                  Deni is       .

a.                   a new teacher

b.                  a new student

c.                   a teacher

d.                  a librarian

2.                  Deni meets Hari in      .      .

a.                   the classroom

b.                  the library

c.                   the yard

d.                  the canteen

3.                  Are they classmates?

a.                   Yes, they are.

b.                  No, they are not.

c.                   Yes, they are not.

d.                  No, they are.

4.                  Sigit  :  I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Sri.

Sri  :     .      , Sigit.

a.                   Bye

b.                  How do you do?

c.                   Nice to meet you, too

d.                  Pleased to meet you

5.                  Nicky        : Im going to sleep

Stuart        : Ok _________.

a.                   Good night

b.                  Goodbye

c.                   Bye

d.                  Good evening

6.                  It   a fish.

a.      is          c.         are

b.      am        d.         go

7.                  The boys  .  reading.

a.      is          c.         are

b.      am        d.         sit

8.                  Something you can find in your class- room is a  .

a.              radio

b.             pillow

c.              stove

d.             blackboard

9.               ______________  is sitting on a beach.

a.                   A man       c.         Man

b.                  A men       d.         Men

10.              The woman is a teacher. The  plural  form  of  the  sentence  is

a.             the woman are teachers

b.             the woman is a teacher

c.             the women are teachers

d.            the women are teacher

11.              I dont have _____________ sugar.

a.                   some          c.         and

b.                  any            d.         the

12.              Is there ____________ book in your bag?

a.                   some          c.         but

b.                  and            d.         a

13.              Do you have _______________  coffee?

a.                   some          c.         and

b.                  any            d.         the

14.              Rima          :  I want to go to the library.

Anto          :   _________________ .

Rima          :  Why?

Anto          :  The  library  is  closed  until Saturday

a. Stand up, please

b. Dont go there

c. Sit down

d. Dont smoke

15.            Fitra            :  What is Eka doing?

Linda  :  He (study) English.

a.        He studying English.

b.        He studies English.

c.        He is studying English.

d.       He study English.

16.              Wulan   :  What is Susan doing?

Citra          :  She (cook) fried rice.

a.        She is cooking fried rice

b.        She cooks fried rice

c.        She cooking fried rice

d.       She is cooks fried rice

17.                     Betty  working  in  the  post office?

a.   Is             c.    Are

b.   Am          d.   Do

18.                  you coming here?

a.        Is         c. Are

b.        Am      d. Do

19.              Rima   :  Thank you for your attention.

       Anto   :        .

a.         You are welcome

b.         I am very sorry

c.         Please excuse me

d.        Thanks

20.           Ranti  :  Im sorry, I broke your ruler.

Angga :         .

a.         Thank you

b.         Never mind

c.         Please excuse me

d.        You are welcome

21.              Rono         :  I apologise for my mistake.

Ami               :        .

a.        Thank you

b.        My pleasure

c.        It doesnt matter

d.       You are welcome

22.         Riri  :  Mam, Im sorry, I forgot to buy  1  kg  of  sugar  as  yourequested.

Mother  :  What?    How    could   you forget? Oh, OK    .

a.        youre welcome

b.        thank you

c.        my pleasure

d.       never mind

23.                a book on the desk.

a.        There are

b.        There is

c.        These are

d.       Those are

24.                any ink in the bottle?

a.        There is            c.         Is there

b.        There are          d.         Are there

25.     How many children  in your family?

a.        there is c.         is there

b.        are there           d.         there are

26.                three  girls  waiting  for  the bus.

a.        There is            c.         Are there

b.        Is there            d.         There are

27.              Santi          :  Could   you   pass   me   the sugar, please?

   Liya           : _____________ .

a.        Thank you

b.        Here you are

c.        Yes, I am

d.       No, thank you

28.         Linda          :  Can you show me where the library is?

      Nina                 :        . Its near the lab.

a.        Sorry

b.        You know

c.        Sure

d.       I dont think so

29.              Teacher :  Rika, close the door, please.

         Rika              :        .

a.                   Thank you

b.                  Yes, Maam

c.                   No problem

d.                  Never mind

30.              Sinta :  Watching the midnight movie is fun.

          Eka   :  No,  ____________ .

a.                   I dont think so

b.                  I disagree with you

c.                   thanks

d.                  sure

31.              It is a     painting.

a.                   beautiful    c.         cruel

b.                  beautifully d.         unusual

32.              The rose smells __________ .

a.                   good   c.    naughty

b.                  delicious    d.         neat

33.              She is a nice little  _____________ .

a.                   girl      c.    pen

b.                  table    d.   house

34.              The soup tastes _______ .

a.                   beautiful    c.         ugly

b.                  delicious    d.         kind

35.              Irwan :       Thank you for coming.

         Anto   :  ______________      .

a.                   Sorry

b.                  No problem

c.                   I dont know

d.                  Sure

36.              Sigit           :  Im sorry for not calling you.

          Sri             :           .

a.                   Thats OK

b.                  Any time

c.                   Youre welcome

d.                  Sure

Put the words in the right order.

1.            (had/wonderful/a/I/holiday)

2.            (today/is/the weather/nice)   .

Change the sentences into plural forms.

3.            The girl is buying a book.

4.            The cat is sleeping under the table.

5.            The woman is reading a magazine.

6.            The man is cleaning a car.

Use the words given to make sentences using verb -ing.

7.            I / draw / a picture. (+)

8.            She / clean / the house. (+)

9.            Your brother / not read / a book. (-)

10.        We / watch / television. (?)

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