Soal Bahasa Inggris F Congratulation



Congratulating someone

  1. Please accept my warmest congratulations.

  2. I’d like to be the first to congratulate you on .

  3. It was great to hear .

  4. Congratulations on your .

  5. I must congratulate you.

  6. May I congratulate you on .

  7. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations on your .

  9. Well done!

  10. Fantastic/terrific!

Complete the dialogue with the expressions above. Discuss with your partner.

  1. Nina : I’ve just got married.

Abraham : ____________________________________

  1. Rudi : I won the race.

Rita : ____________________________________

  1. Fuad : I’ve found a new job.

Ratna : ____________________________________

  1. Agus : My father Just bought me a new MP3 player.

Ida : ____________________________________

  1. Ahmad : I just won first prize from a quiz.

Narya : ____________________________________

In pairs, complete the following conversation with the expressions in the box. Then, perform it with your partner.

Arnys : Congratulations on your 16th birthday.

Retno : Thank you.

Anita : 1) ___________________________

Retno : Thank you for saying so. You look so sweet in that red vest.

Anita : Thanks. Look, Denias is coming! 2) ________________________

Arnys : He looks so cute with his new hair cut.

Retno : Yes, youre right.

Denias : Hi, Retno. 3) __________________________

Retno : Thanks. By the way, congratulations on winning the first prize on Photography Competition.

Denias : 4) ___________________

Anita : Your idea was brilliant. I think youre a genius.

Denias : Oh, not really.

Retno : Anyway, lets start the party.

Complete the following conversation with your own words!


Make a question and its answer based on the words below !

  1. I would like ..

Example :

Question : What would you like to do on the long weekend?

Answer: I would like to bake cookies with Riri.

  1. I will.

Question : __________________________________________

Answer: __________________________________________

  1. I am going to

Question : __________________________________________

Answer: __________________________________________

  1. I would rather.

Question : __________________________________________

Answer: __________________________________________

Complete the following conversation with the words below!


im gonna

about great


it would be




A : Hey, u look so serious. Whats the ________ ?

B : Oh.., im just thinking about something

A : What is it________?

B : Im thinking that ______________hold a xmas party in our class in this year

A : Wow, sounds ____________ !

B : Really ? U think so ?

A : Yeah. But whats the ______ of that party ?

B : Im just thinking thats the best idea to gathering all of our class _______ during the xmas eve this year

A : I think________ nice if we also make an event, like change our present to our friends

B : Ok. Now, i need to have permission from head master. I need his _________to use our class room on

xmas ive and talk to our mother class to ask her to come and participate in that party

A : is there anything that i could do ?

B : we also need to make permissions letter to give to our parents. It would be helpful if u make it.

A : sure. With my ____________

Work in pairs, make a dialogue about the expressing intentions! Look at the example below!


Ray: Excuse me sir! Im Ray. Im a salesman form PT. Hakasima.

Head Master: So, What are you going to do?

Ray: I would like to introduce our products.

Head Master: What kinds of product?

Ray: Kitchen untensil sir, such as stoove, blender, mixer, juicer and microwave

Head Master: So, what will you do now?

Ray: Im going to demonstrate our products to the teachers in your school.

Head Master: Okay, if you want to do that, you should wait until the rest time.

Ray: What time is it sir?

Head Master: at 10.30 am.

Ray: Where can I do it sir?

Head Master: In the teachers room over there.

Ray: Okay, Thank you very much sir!

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