Soal Bahasa Inggris Eac Didi Hermawan Name :




  1. Reading

Too late

The plane was late and detectives were waiting at the airport all morning. They were expecting a valuable parcel of diamonds from South Africa. A few hours earlier, someone had told the police that thieves would try to steal the diamonds. When the plane arrived, some of detectives were waiting inside the main building while others were waiting on the airfield. Two men took the parcel of the plane and carried it into the customs house. While two detectives were keeping guard at the door, two others opened the parcel. To their surprise, the precious parcel was full of stones and sand!

Just guess these, true or false

  1. The plane came on time

  2. The detectives werent waiting at the airport

  3. The detectives didnt expect the diamonds.

  4. The diamonds were from North Africa.

  5. There were no thieves who tried to steal the diamonds.

  6. There was someone informing the police about the stealing

  7. The detectives didnt wait outside the main building.

  8. The two men threw the parcel of the plane outside the main building.

  9. The detectives were surprised about the parcel.

  10. The parcel was full of stones and cake.





















  1. Vocabulary

Find the meaning in bahasa Indonesia

  1. Housework=6. Housefly=

  2. Impatient=7. Slam=

  3. Upstairs=8. Frighten=

  4. Knock=9. Intended=

  5. Leave=10. Hippopotamus=

  1. Structure

Choose the correct answer

  1. X: _______me more explanation, sir?

Y: great sorry, I cant

  1. Provide youc. can you provide

  2. you can provided. do you provide

  1. X: sorry, the food _________ by me.

Y: thats ok,

  1. Was eatenc. was ate

  2. Was eatd. ate

  1. Teacher: why are you late, Farah?

Farah: __________last night, so I come late.

  1. I started to sleep about 23.45 oclockc. I starting to sleep about 23.45 oclock

  2. I start to sleep about 23.45 oclockd. I starts sleeping about 23.45 oclock

  1. I was watching TV when______

  1. You comec. You coming

  2. You comesd. You came

  1. Costumer: ____________pants?

Shopkeeper: they are Rp. 230.000

  1. How many are thesec. How much is this

  2. How much are thesed. How many is this

  1. If I had a lot of money, ___________a big house

  1. I will buyc. I would bought

  2. I will boughtd. I would buy

  1. X: ___________spend your holiday?

Y: I just stayed at home

  1. Where are youc. where did you

  2. Where do youd. where was you

  1. X: What ____________, sir?

Y: a large pizza, please.

X: wait a minute.

  1. You would likec. would like you

  2. You like wouldd. would you like

  1. I ______________, its necessary

  1. Need to metc. need to meeting

  2. Need to meetd. need meet

  1. She __________________bring her bag at school yesterday.

  1. Got her boyfriendc. Getting her boyfriend

  2. Gets her boyfriendd. Got her boyfriend to

  1. Writing

  1. Ada banyak orang berkumpul di depan gedung putih di amerika kemarin malam.

  2. Dia (pr) tidak bisa mengendarai mobil sendiri.

  3. Kamu tahu nggak?, kalau saya punya banyak uang, saya akan pergi ke perancis lho.

  4. Dimanakah kamu biasanya menaruh foto kesayanganmu?

  5. Saya menyuruh dia mencuci mobil pribadi saya tadi pagi.

Translate the above sentences into English well!

  1. ________________________________________________

  2. ________________________________________________

  3. ________________________________________________

  4. ________________________________________________

  5. ________________________________________________

  1. Listening

Jean: ______s Sally, Jack.

Jack: Shes in the _______, Jane.

Jane: What is she ________?

Jack: Shes _________ under the ______

Jean: Is Tim in the garden, too?

Jack: Yes, he is.

He is climbing the _______.

Jean: I beg your ________?

Who is ________ the tree?

Jack: Tim is.

Jean: What ________ the dog?

Jack: The dogs in the garden, ________

Its running ________ the _______.

Its running after a ________.

  1. Speaking

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