Soal Bahasa Inggris 5 1

1.      Doni     : What do the students do in break time ?

Sari      : theyin the school yard. ( bermain )

a.       study                            c. play

b.      read                              d. practice

2.      Mrs. Lisa teaches the students. She is a

a.       students               c. driver

b.      teacher                d.headmaster

3.      I 06.45 every morning. ( pergi ke sekolah )

a.       get up            c. clean the classroom

b.      go to school     d. sweep the yard

4.      The students usually have an experiment in the..

a.       library                         c. classroom

b.      office                           d. Laboratory

5.      The students should bring borrow books from the library.

a.       desk                      c. library card

b.      door                       d. window

6.      Mr. Andika is a., he works in the library.

a.       teacher                           c. headmaster

b.      student                           d. librarian

7.      The students can open theto know the list of books in the library.

a.       book                           c. dictionary

b.      library card                 d. catalogue

8.      We are able to know the meaning of the difficult words in the..

a.       book                               c. story book

b.      dictionary                     d. novel

9.      The meaning word  bookshelf  in Indonesian  is..

a.       buku cerita               c. buku tulis

b.      rak buku                d. buku gambar

10.  The meaning word  kamus in English  is..

a.       book                             c. story book

b.      dictionary                     d. novel

11.  Sari      : May I borrow this…..? ( majalah )

Angel   : yes, sure.

a.       newspaper                     c. book

b.      magazine                     d. dictionary

12.  Rearrange this sentence in to good sentence.

Time  We  books return on must the

a.       We must return time the book on

b.      We must return on the book time

c.       We must the book on time return

d.      We must return the book on time

13.  The Indonesian staple ( makanan pokok ) is.

a.       corn                                     c. bread

b.      rice                                       d. cake

The text to question 14 17

            Hello friends, my name is septi. My sister asks me to accompany her to go to the restaurant. We want to have lunch there. We go to the restaurant at 11.00 oclock. We arrive in the restaurant at 11.30 a.m.

            My sister orders a plate of rujak cingur and a glass of iced tea and I order a bowl of soto lamongan and a glass of orange juice. We really enjoy our lunch. The food taste delicious and the drinks taste fresh.

14.  Septis sister ask septi to go

a.       hospital                            c. post office

b.      restaurant                        d. school

15.  They want to do there.

a.       have breakfast            c. have dinner

b.      have lunch                  d. supper

16.  Do they go to the restaurant..oclock

a.       09.00                              c. 11.00

b.      10.00                            d. 12.00

17.  Septis sister order.

a.     a plate of rendang and a glass of iced tea

b.    a plate of rujak cingur and a glass of iced tea

c.    a bowl of gado-gado and a glass of orange juice

d.    a bowl of soto lamongan and a glass of orange juice

18.  It is a kind of food. It comes from Surabaya. It is

a.       pempek                    c. soto lamongan

b.      rendang                   d. gado-gado

19.  Soto and gado-gado are kinds of..

a.       vegetables                          c. drink

b.      drink                                   d. Food

20.  These are kinds of drinks, except  :……..

a.       bread                   c. a cup of coffe

b.      an iced tea            d. a can of coca cola

21.  My mother buysin the supermarket. ( keju )

a.       meat                                       c. egg

b.      fried chicken                           d. cheese

22.  Mr. Eko leads the school. He is a.. ( kepala sekolah )

a.       student                c. school gardener

b.      teacher               d. headmaster

23.  Gilang Ramadan is a famous

a.       singer                        c. drummer

b.      dancer                        d. guitarist

24.  Danang can play .well. ( seruling ).

a.       Saxophone                        c. piano

b.      Harp                                  d. flute

25.  Kevin is a pianist. He can play a well.

a.       piano                                   c. violin

b.      guitar                                 d. drum

Text for number 26 30

Mrs. Wulan is my Mathematics teacher. Her hobby is playing violin. Every Sunday and Friday afternoon, she always does her hobby in her music room. She feel relaxed when she does her hobby.

26.  Mrs. Wulan is a..

a.         headmaster                   c. gardener

b.         carpenter                      d. teacher

27.  Mrs. Wulans hobby is playing.

a.         violin                            c. guitar

b.         piano                            d. saxophone

28.  Mrs.  Wulan does her hobby everyand Friday afternoon.

a.   thursday                   c. saturday

b.  friday                         d. sunday

29.  Yuda: Does Mrs. Wulan feel relaxed ?

Bona  : Yes,

a.    she do                         c. he do

b.    she does                      d. he does

30.  Where is mrs. Wulan always does her hobby

a.  in the living room                

b.  in the music room                                         

c. in the bathroom

d. in the bedroom

31. 10 x 5 =….                             

Ten multiplied by five is..

a.         five                               c. fifteen

b.         fifty                              d. fifty five


32.   72 : 8 = ………

Seventy two divided eight is.

a.  nine                              c. eleven

b. ten                                d. twelve

33. 89 It is number 

      a. ninety eight                  c. eighty nine

     b. ninety nine                 d. eighty eight

\34.  Rearrange this sentence in to good sentence

     before  is  The  seven   eight –  number

a.       The number before is seven eight

b.      The number before is eight seven

c.       The number before eight is seven

d.      The number before seven is eight

35. the number after seventeen is

     a. eighteen                           c. twenty

     b. nineteen                           d. twenty one

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