Soal B.inggris Bagus Ujian Akhir Semester Genap




Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Smt : II Hari/Tanggal : Ahad, 17 Juli 2011

Dosen : Siti Sufaidah, S.Kom. Waktu : 90 menit Sifat : Close Book

A. Please Choose the correct answer using (x) according you !

  1. Gorda went to Bandung last week. is a capital of West Java.

    1. Itb. Shec. They d. Her

  2. I came to her house but was at home. Where has she ?

    1. Someone b. nothing c. anybody d. nobody

  3. I am eating a bowl of meatball now. She a plate of fried noodle now.

a. am eating b. is eating c. was eating d. were eating

  1. Demi has been in London. She there since a week ago.

a. has been b. have been c. is d. was

  1. It is going to rain. We can say that sentence in another way, i.e.

a. It will rain b. It can rain c. It must rain d. It may rain

  1. This rose is beautiful. Rosaline really likes it. She happy if I give it to her.

a. must beb. shouldc. ought tocant be

  1. Come in and closed the door, ?

a. didnt you b. will you ? c. wont youd. do you

  1. Nobody wants to be the worst, ?

a. isnt it ?b. is it ?c. dont they d. do they ?

  1. I cant take the book on the cupboard and my mother either.

a. canb. cantc. doesd. doesnt

  1. She never gone to Jakarta before and neither have I.

a. haveb. hasc. hadd. will

  1. Elepahant is a big animal. Cow is also a big animal. But cow is elephant.

a. smallb. smaller thanc. the smallestd. more small

  1. I hate those persons. Abi is bad Norman.

a. as as b. the same as c. more than d. the most – of

  1. you heard the news about her ?

a. haveb. arec. dod. did

  1. Daddy: sock is this ?

Daughter: That is mine, Dad.

a. Whoseb. Whoc. Whomd. What

  1. My mother asks me to buy salt.

a. a b. an c. many d. some

  1. I went to supermarket yesterday. I bought of ketchup and sugar.

    1. a bottle ac. a few – many

    2. a bottle somed. a little – many

  2. Miranda waited for you I finished mu lunch yesterday.

a. as soon asb. whenc. afterd. until

  1. My grandfather was born in 1942 Japans aggression happened.

a. becauseb. when c. andd. where

  1. If I were there, I by the robbers.

    1. will be killedc. would kill

    2. will killd. would be kill

  2. This cassava will be very good if you it become brownies.

a. cookb. cookisc. cookedd. had cooked

  1. X : Do you think we can save our forest ?

Y : we can, because people still keep cutting down the trees.

          1. Im not surec. I agree

          2. Im sured. Im certain

  1. Marcell : Dont be afraid. Ill stand by your side.

Manda : Im not afraid.

    1. Thanks Marcelc. Youre kind

    2. Dont worryd. OK

Text for questions number 23 to 25 !

In 2006, there was an earthquake in Bantul, Yogyakarta. More than five housands people died. Many buildings broke and the students lost their school. The victim was predicted more than that if it happened at night or at noon, not at the morning. Many countries such as USA, Australia, Kuwait, Holland and Japan helped the victims. They supported dhe victims during the recovery. It was a terrible disaster.

  1. The text tells about

    1. a disaster

    2. an earthquake in Indonesia

    3. an earthquake in bantul

    4. Many countries helped Indonesia

  2. What is the kind of the text above ?

a. reportb. recountc. descriptived. narrative

  1. When did the disaster happen ?

a. at morningb. at noonc. at eveningd. at night

B. Please Answer these questions carefully and clearly !

  1. Make three example about degrees of comparison based on the level !

  2. Explain about kinds of conjunction and give the example !

  3. Explain about conditional sentence type II and give the example !

  4. Make a short dialogue use expressing Apologize !

  5. Explain about kinds of reading / teks !

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