Soal Un B. Inggris Smk 2014 Paket 5

Nama : Rahmat Hidayah

Kelas : XII TKJ 2

Soal : Paket 5 No. 16-31

  1. (A) Even through my aunt (B) lost the beauty contest, she (C) is still (D) the prettier of all the other contestants.

  2. My handbag is a black (A) rectangular leather bag with a (B) long tubular stap of the same material. The bag is about 18 X 12 (C) in size with three compartments. The compartment (D) which a zip in it is the center one.

  3. Harry : Can you (A) describe Naomi?

Jockie : Shes (B) high, (C) dark (D) and beautiful.

  1. Anto : Has Tono (A) finished his research on time?

Bela : No, if he (B) made better use of his time, he would have (C) been more (D) likely to finish his research.

  1. Anna : Why (A) was Kattie angry with you?

Marry : Oh, I think she was jealous. She always feels (B) threatening everytime her boyfriend (C) talks to another girl.

Liza : That sounds (D) ridiculous.

T0 :

From :

Subject : Meeting About New Internet Service Provider 1/8/2013


I have been researching our choice for the internet providers over the past two weeks, and I want to update my progress.

We have two options: H.C. Cable and Toll South. Both offer business plans, and I will go over the pricing of each plan at the meeting on Tuesday. Both of the options I listed have comparable speed and data usage offering as well. I called your personal provider, GoGo Satellite, but they did not have any business offerings. They primarily do residential internal service.

I will talk Joe and Susan from IT department about these options and get their suggestions. I will also send out meeting request to everyone, including Mr Morris in operations. If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please let me know.


Tina McAden

Administrative assistant

Jones Office Solutions


  1. What is the email about?

  1. A working progress of Jone Office Solutions.

  2. A research about new internet providers.

  3. An offer from a personal provider.

  4. A meeting plan on Tuesday.

  1. what will Mr Jones probably do after reading the email?

  1. Evaluate the working progress.

  2. Attend the meeting on Tuesday.

  3. Call some ineternet providers.

  4. Set up a meeting plan.

  1. I will also send out meeting request .. (paragraph 3)

The underline phrase is closet in meaning to

  1. Distribute

  2. Attend

  3. Participate

  4. Contribute

For ever 30 years, interoffice has designed, manufactured and distributed high quality office furniture. Our products are designed by our Italian-based manufacturing facility with a focus on durability and contemporary design. Our retail presence in central London allows us to demonstrate the range of products available, and lets our clients sample the furniture first-hand. Our strengths in furniture, planning and advice are what set us aprt. Though we are based in London, we supply office furniture to clients across the UK, the US, Europe and asian countries.

We have worked with thousands of businesses, always offering a highly costumized approach, as no two projects are the same. We also visit our clients at their own offices so we can help them plan and design their ideal office environment. Our interior design service is free of charge and our clients find it a critical stage in the process, allowing them to visualize their office environment before the furniture is installed.

  1. The first paragraph talks about

  1. The service to the client

  2. The characteristic of the product

  3. The base manufacture in London

  4. The display of the office furniture

  1. We can conclude from the text that interoffice

  1. Interior design service cost a lot

  2. Is concerned about the environment

  3. Offers home made furniture

  4. Products have gone abroad

  1. Interoffice supplies its products to

  1. Italy

  2. Nigeria

  3. Australia

  4. New zealand

David Suzuki is internationally know as an environmental activist and scientist Altrough he is know for this radio broadcasts in Canada, he has become an international celebrity through the television show The Nature of Things. Suzuki also co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation for the promotion of living in balance with the natural word.

David Suzuki was born on March 24, 1936 in Vancouver, Canada from the spouse Kouru Carr and Setsu Suzuki. Suzuki and twin sister Marcia were grandchildren of Javanese immigrants who came to Canada in the early part of the 20th century. because of his ancestry, Suzuki, along with his family, was send to an internment camp in British Columbia during the second World War.

When Suzuki and his family left the camps , the were forced by the government to move east of the Rockies. They chose is linton, Leamington, and London as their homes, it was during this time that Suzuki first became aware of his interest in nature.

Once the family settled in Leamington, Suzuki attended Mill Street Elementary School followed by London Central Secondary School in London with the familys last move. After finishing preliminary education, Suzuki left Canada to study at Amherst College in Massachusetts where he earned his BA followed by his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Chicago. He gradurate in 1961 and began his career by studying genetics. in 1963 he returned to Canada to teach with the Zoology Department at the University of Britist Columbia. He worked as a professor for almost forty years.

  1. When did David Suzuki gradurate from the University of Chicago?

  1. In 1936

  2. In 1940

  3. In 1961

  4. In 1963

  1. Suzuki was interested in nature when

  1. His family moved to the east of Rockies

  2. He left University of Chicago

  3. He worked as a professor

  4. He settled in Canada


  1. : Remove any rocks, sticks or other objects that would be uncomfortable to lay on from the area where youd like to build the tent. Not only will this make your sleep more comfortable, it will also protect your tent from getting damaged.

  2. : Unroll the tent with the top facing upward over the cleaned area. Remove the tent poles from the tent bag and unfold them to assemble.

  3. : String the tent poles diagonally across the top of the using the sleeves on the tent to hold the poles. Use the elastic cords on each end of the tent to secure the poles in place and erect the tent. Straighten the with your hands so that it rest evenly and sturdily over the poles.

  4. : Remove the stakes from the tent bag and use a hammer or large rock to pound them into the ground through the lops around the perimeter of the tent. Make sure the stakes are secure and do not shift easily when pulled on.

  1. What is the instruction about?

  1. Building a tent.

  2. Cleaning the camp area.

  3. Sleeping comfortably in a tent.

  4. Protecting thetent from damaged.

  1. What do you have to do after removing the tent poles from the bag?

  1. Straighten the tent with your hands.

  2. Remove the stakes from the tent bag.

  3. Untoll the tent with the top facing upward

  4. String the poles diagonally across the top tent.

  1. Remove the tent poles from tent bag and unfold them to assembly. (step 2)

The synonym of the underline word is

  1. Put on

  2. Get off

  3. Come out

  4. Take away


  1. C

  2. D

  3. A

  4. B

  5. A

  6. D

  7. B

  8. A

  9. A

  10. C

  11. A

  12. C

  13. A

  14. A

  15. D

  16. D

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