Lesson : There is/are, Direction, and Preposition – Bank Soal

Lesson : There is/are, Direction, and Preposition
1.   There is/are
There          : Di sana
There is/are: Ada
a.   There is a hospital.
Ada sebuah rumah sakit.
b.  The hospital is there.
Rumah sakitnya di sana.
2.   Direction (Arah)
Atas             : Up Bawah         : Bottom Kanan         : Right Kiri              : Left Depan         : Front Belakang     : Behind Utara           : North
Timur Laur         : North East Timur                  : East Tenggara             : South East Selatan                 : South
Barat Daya          : South West
Barat                    : West
Barat Laut           : North West

3.   Preposition for Places (Kata Depan yang Menyatakan Tempat)
Some example of preposition for places: In                      : Di-
On                    : Di- At                      : Di-
In front of        : Di depan Behind             : Di belakang Between           : Di antara Beside              : Di samping
Evaluation            : Demonstration
Listen to the story and re-describe it by your own language!
Plered Market
There is a market in Andi’s Village. The name is Plered Market. There are many sellers there. There is a large masque in the south of the market. There is also a station in the east of the market. There are always many people walking around the market.



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