Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Bagasa Inggrus

Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris

Materi Pokok:Holiday

Discribing People and Object

Nama :

Kelas :


I.Fill the blank with the correct answer!

  1. Alya..English last holiday.(berbicara)

  2. Dennis..meatball.(makan)

  3. Fadhil..Mathematic every day.(belajar)

  4. Fira holiday.(main tenis)

  5. Reza will be..(lapar)

  6. Ivy Canada next holiday.(pindah)

  7. Kevin.him handphone last holiday.(menjual)

  8. Irul.alone.(jalan)

  9. Zul.dictionary two days ago.(membeli)

  10. Lidya..the island last week.(menggambar)

II.Answer the blank after read the equivalent!

Marissas bag is Rp87.000,00.

Salsas bag is Rp.93.000,00.

Deas bag is Rp.154.000,00.

  1. Marissas bag isthan Salsas.

  2. Salsas bag is.than Marissas.

  3. Marissas bag is the..of all.

  4. Deas bag is the.. of all.

Lani is 29 kg.

Eka is 30 kg.

Ramya is 35 kg.

  1. Lani is…………………………………than Eka.

  2. Eka isthan Lani.

  3. Lani is the..of all.

  4. Ramya is the..of all.

Siskas ruler is 15 cm.

Danias ruler is 20 cm.

Pasphas ruler is 30 cm.

  1. Siskas ruler is..than Danias.

  2. Danias ruler is.than Siskas.

  3. Siskas ruler is theof all.

  4. Pasphas ruler is the..of all.

III.Answer the question with the correct answer!

  1. What did Surya do on him last holiday?(menonton televisi)


  1. What will Karin do on her next holiday?(membaca buku)


  1. What does Nandya and family do on holiday?(membersihkan rumah)


  1. Translate to English!

Dika akan berkebun di liburan selanjutnya.


  1. Translate to Indonesian!

Naniks hair is longer than Sonyas.



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