Soal Fisika X-ray By 6th Group

X-RAY by 6th group

  1. The following sequence of electromagnetic waves from low frequency to high frequency is

    A. visible light, ultraviolet light, gamma rays

    B. infrared rays, X-rays, visible light

    C. X-rays, infrared rays, ultraviolet light

    D. ultraviolet rays, visible light, infrared rays

answer: A

  1. Who was discovered the X-ray?

  1. Wurzburg

  2. Russell Reynolds

  3. Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen

  4. Frost brothers

Answer : C

  1. when X-rays discovered?

  1. November 8, 1895

  2. November 9, 1895

  3. November 10, 1895

  4. November 11, 1895

Answer: A

X-ray (or X-ray) was discovered by the German Professor of Physics at the University of Wurzburg, Bavaria, Wilhelm Conrad Rntgen on November 8, 1895.

  1. how many X-ray wavelengths

  1. 105 cm 7 x 105 cm

  2. 10-7 cm -109 cm

  3. 10 -9 cm

  4. < 10 10 cm

Answer: B

  1. One of the special properties of x-ray is..

  1. Ability penetrates dense materials.

  2. Ability penetrates liquid only

  3. Can see by naked eye

  4. Shining

Answer: A

  1. X-ray properties of biological impression is..

  1. can breed

  2. need air

  3. acts with all existing living tissue in the body

  4. can through the bodys skin

Answer: C

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