Contoh Prediksi Soal Un Bahasa Inggris Sma

The following text is for question 16 and 17.

To: Yuni Anggini


From:Yono Anggoro <>

Subject: party

Cc: <>


Attached: C:/my document/map.doc;


Sat 3rd December we are having house-warming party and it would be great if you could come you are more than welcome to stay over

I think Romlah is coming too

Thanks for your email I will talk to you properly email soon lots to catch up on!! But I just wanted to check if you could come to our party if you are able to come then I can pick you up at the station.

Anyway talk to you soon and hopefully see you soon too!



16. What does the email tell about?

  1. Party

  2. Yonos plan

  3. Yonos coming over

  4. Ask Yuni whether shed like to be picked up

  5. Where the place Yono can pick up Yuni

17. When is the occasion held?

  1. Every day

  2. On Saturday

  3. In December

  4. On Saturday 3rd December

  5. It is not mentioned exactly

The following text is for question 18 and 19

Moon Clothes Ltd

15 Clifton Court

Manchester MR3 5PY



Tel: +44(0) 161 932 2628

Fax: +44 (0) 161 932 2884


Production Manager

Suntrex Fabrics

Box 167

Brown Street PO


1st May 2010

Dear Sir or Madam

Re: visit to Singapore

I am now planning my next trip to South East Asia, and would be very pleased if we could meet to discuss our production requirements for next year

I hope to be in Singapore on November 22 or 23. Would it be convenient to visit you on November 22 at 09.00 am? I would be grateful if you could tell me exactly where your offices are located.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Eto Wijanarko


Senior Buyer

18. What is Mr. Wijanarko?

  1. He is a customer.

  2. He is a production manager.

  3. He is a senior buyer.

  4. He is the sender of the letter.

  5. He is the owner of Moon Clothes Ltd.

19. What is the letter about?

  1. Mr. Wijanarkos plan to travel South East Asia

  2. Mr. Wijanarkos plan to visit to Singapore

  3. Discussing production requirements for next year

  4. Appointment on November 22

  5. Mr. Wijanarkos trip to South East Asia

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