Contoh Soal B.inggris Active And Passive Voice


  1. He meets them everyday.

  2. They were met by him yesterday.

  3. This plant had been watered by her for 5 minutes when I got her.

  4. He will have met Jane before I get there tomorrow.

  5. They would be being met by him.


  1. I dislike ……. money on non-essential items.

  2. We promise ….. in touch with our clients.

  3. I watched two lions ……… in the grass in South Africa.

  4. Would you mind …… this questionnaire?

  5. She needs …… how to serve healthy food for her family.

  6. My grandfather used ….. his hummingbirds three times a day.

  7. Do you recommend ….. these books?

  8. Some of the students refused …… behavior guidelines.

  9. My mother taught me not ….. about my academic work.

  10. I enjoy ….. with Mr. Smith.


  1. If she had come to the meeting yesterday afternoon, she ……. involved in decision making.

  2. If you have invited her to your party, I …. with her.

  3. There would be a risk of accident if you … that cable on the floor.

  4. If it rains this afternoon, I … at home.

  5. If the EXIT doors … locked, those people would have escaped easily from the burning hall.

  6. Has she known about the story, she … us about it.

  7. If the delivery is late, we … the shipping.

  8. The best conditional sentence for He didnt take care of his health, so he fell sick is …

  9. The fact for thissentence, If our team have prepared for the match more instensively, we would have won it is …

  10. The best conditional sentence for Annie didnt have your phone number is …


  1. Health care in rural areas is poor. We need …. (doctor) to treat people in rural areas.

  2. This soup doesnt taste quite right. I think it needs just a little …… (salt)

  3. I made …… (mistake) in the last test than I did on the first one, so I got a worse grade.

  4. Tokyo is one of the ….. (large) cities in the world.

  5. David is the ……. (generous) person I have ever known.


  1. There ….. books on many topics that Doon wants to read.

  2. Lina …. a good worker for Dr. Hester.

  3. There … too many people to feed.

  4. There are …. works of art in the museum.

  5. I have ….. work to do tonight.



  1. They are met by him everyday.

  2. He met them yesterday

  3. She had watered this plant for 5 minutes when I got here.

  4. Jane will have been met by him before I got there tomorrow.

  5. He would be meeting them.


  1. Spending

  2. To stay

  3. Sleeping

  4. Filling out

  5. To know

  6. To feed

  7. Reading

  8. To follow

  9. To lie

  10. Studying


  1. Would have been

  2. Would have come

  3. Left

  4. Will stay

  5. Had not been.

  6. Would have told.

  7. Will pay.

  8. If he had taken care of his health, he wouldnt have been sick.

  9. We didnt prepare intensively and lost the match.

  10. Annie would have called you if she had had your phone number.


  1. More doctors

  2. More salt.

  3. More mistakes

  4. The largest.

  5. The most generous.


  1. Are.

  2. Is.

  3. Are.

  4. Many

  5. Some.

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