Text 2
This following text is for questions 6 to 10.
Why Do the Moon and the Sun Never Appear Together?
Long, long ago, the Sun and the Moon lived happily together in the sky. They always appeared together during the day and night.
One day, the Sun shone brightly so that it almost burned the Moon. The sunlight hurt the Moon’s eyes very much. This made the Moon blind.
The Moon left the Sun although the Sun had apologized to the Moon.
The Sun loved the Moon very much, so he chased her. He chased and chased through years and centuries but has never caught the moon.
That’s why the Sun shines during the day and at night the Moon appears. They will never reunite again.
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1.    What genre does this text belong to?
a.    Spoof
b.    Report
c.    Narrative
d.    Hortatory exposition
e.    Analytical exposition

2.    What is the first paragraph called?
a.    Complication
b.    Identification
c.    Resolution
d.    Orientation
e.    Argumentation

3.    What are the main characters in the story?
a.    The sky and the moon
b.    The sun and the sky
c.    The moon and the sun
d.    The sky
e.    The moon

4.    What makes the Moon blind?
a.    The Sun shines so brightly that it burns the Moon’s eye
b.    The Moon hurts herself with a knife
c.    The Sun unexpectedly hits the moon
d.    The Moon doesn’t like her eye
e.    The sun doesn’t like Moon’s eye

5.    What is the purpose of this text?
a.    To entertain/amuse the readers about the story
b.    To persuade by presenting arguments
c.    to tell an event with humorous twist
d.    to persuade the readers or listeners that something should or should not be the case
e.    to describe the way things are

Text 3
This following text is for questions 11 to 15.
Long, long ago a rabbit and a lion were neighbors. The lion was very proud, and was fond of boasting about his strength. And though they were such close neighbors, the lion, looked down upon the rabbit, and used to bully and frighten her. Finally, the rabbit could stand it no longer and wanted to get her own back.
One day she went to the lion and said, “Good day, respected elder brother. Imagine it, I met an animal over there who looked exactly like you, and he said to me, ‘Is there anyone in the world who dares stand up to me? If there is, let him come and have a duel with me. If there is no one, all of you have to submit to my rule and be my servants!” “Oh, he was an intolerable braggart! He is so puffed up with pride that his eyes can’t even light on anyone!” added the rabbit.
“Oho,” the lion said. “Didn’t you mention me to him?”
“Yes, indeed,” the rabbit replied. “But it would have been better if I hadn’t, when I described how strong you were, he just sneered and said dreadfully rude things. He even went so far as to say that he wouldn’t take you for his attendant!”
The lion flew into a rage and roared, “Where is he? Where is he?”
So the rabbit took the lion behind a hill and, not going too near herself, pointed to a deep well from a distance, and said, “He is down there, in the well,”
The lion hastened to the well and glared back at him angrily. Yes, there was his rival who even glared back at him angrily. The lion roared, and his enemy roared back. The lion became so furious that his hair stood on end. So did his enemy in the well. The lion showed his teeth and lashed out with his paws to scare his rival – and his enemy in the well air with all his might and then … flung himself at the enemy in the well. The result was that the proud lion was instantly drowned.
6.    What do you think of the animal in the well?
a.    The image of the lion himself.
b.    An intolerable braggart.
c.    A stronger animal.
d.    Another lion.
e.    His neighbor.

7.    The lion was proud of his …
a.    Hair
b.    Eyes
c.    Teeth
d.    Paws
e.    Strength

8.    What can we learn from the story?
a.    Be a good neighbor.
b.    Don’t be so arrogant.
c.    We must help each other.
d.    An enemy can be a good friend.
e.    A friend is needed is a friend indeed.
9.    What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a.    The lion was too furious that he challenged the other animal to fight.
b.    The rabbit told the lion that a strong animal challenged him to duel.
c.    The rabbit and the lion went to a hill to fight the strong animal.
d.    The rabbit was successful in the defeating the lion.
e.    The lion was challenged by a strong animal.

10.    The lion hastened to the well and glared back at him angrily. The antonym of the underlined word is…
a.    Moved quickly
b.    Moved slowly
c.    Moved in a hurry
d.    Moved naturally
e.    Moved gently

Teks 4
The following text is for questions 16 to 20.
Once upon a time, there lived a Mama Bear with her cub, Little Bear. Little Bear was a curious cub and liked to run around. One day, Mama Bear took Little Bear to the lake to catch some fish. As usual, Little Bear could not stand still and he ran around the lake. Mama Bear screamed at him, ”Don’t run around like that, or you’ll fall down into the lake!” But Little Bear did not obey. When he was running, he stepped on a slippery rock and fell down into the lake. ”Help!” he screamed. Mama Bear jumped and dived into the lake to save her cub. After he was saved, Little Bear cried on his mother’s arms and said ”I’m sorry, Mama. I will never disobey you anymore.”
11.    Where did Mama Bear take Little Bear?
a.    to the market
b.    to the forest
c.    to the lake
d.    to the slippery rock
e.    to the curb
12.    What happened to Little Bear when he didn’t listen to his mother?
a.    He dived into the lake
b.    He fell down to the river
c.    He jumped to catch some fish
d.    He fell down into the lake
e.    He jumped into the river
13.    What can we learn from the story?
a.    We should be curious
b.    We should listen to our parents
c.    We should disobey our mother
d.    Bears like to swim
e.    Bears like to run around
14.    Where did the story take place?
a.    At the lake
b.    At the river
c.    In the ocean
d.    In the Arctic
e.    In a forest
15.    ”Little Bear was a curious cub and liked to run around.” The antonym of the underlined word is …
a.    playful
b.    cheerful
c.    unique
d.    lively
e.    uninquisitive
Text 5
The following text is for question 21 to 25.
Once upon a time, there lived a little oyster. One day, a small grain of sand got into its body and made it hurt. Its mother said, ”Oh, darling. God didn’t give us hands and thus I can’t help you take the sand out. You have to carry on and cover it with your saliva. That’s all you can do.” So the little oyster lived with the ache for years. However, lately the pain had been reduced and the little oyster was surprised when it found a beautiful pearl inside its body. The small grain of sand had turned into a precious pearl.
16.    In your opinion, where did the story probably take place?
a.    At the beach
b.    In the ocean
c.    At the dessert
d.] ]>

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