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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris

Kelas X TB

  1. Jane: Where are you going?

Frank: .

  1. I go to the cinema

  1. I have gone to the cinema

  1. I went to cinema

  1. Im going to the cinema

  1. They listening to the radio when their mother cook in the kitchen

  1. am

  1. are

  1. is

  1. was

  1. A: Hey Lusy. I need sugar. I want to make sweet tea.

B: All right, take it in the kitchen.

  1. A number of

  1. A little

  1. A few

  1. many

  1. It will be a wonderful trip, Ani told them. We can said, Ani told them that it a wonderful trip.

  1. Was

  1. Would be

  1. Will be

  1. Will have been

  1. He said me, What are you doing now?. He asked me .

  1. What you were doing now

  1. What was I doing now

  1. What were you doing

  1. What I was doing now

  1. Nisa: Gina, you are beautiful like mother.

Gina: Really. Oh, ,

  1. Their, okey

  1. his, okey

  1. Her, thanks

  1. Your, thanks.

  1. Doni is 16 years old. Joko is younger than him. Which statement is correct?

  1. Joko is more than 16 years old

  1. Joko is 17 years old

  1. Joko is the same age as Doni

  1. Doni is older than Joko

  1. Alan is 176 cm height. Roni is 179 cm height. David is 176 cm height. Mindi is 180 cm height. So Roni is .

  1. As tall as Mindi

  1. The tallest of all

  1. Taller than Alan

  1. As tall as Alan

  1. The Dalang is a famous one from Yogyakarta. will perform all night long.

  1. He

  1. Him

  1. his

  1. himself

  1. Rika: Its break time. a glass of milk?

Yuan: That would be very nice of you.

  1. May you get me

  1. Could you help me to get

  1. May I offer help tp get

  1. Would you like me to get you

This text is for number 11- 14


To : Santi

Fom : Nugraheni

Date : June 4th, 2012

Subject : Meeting

We have to attend to the meeeting tomorrow. Dont forget to bring accounting report and the file of transaction during this month. See me in office at 13.00 this day to discuss it.



  1. What is the memo said?

  1. Reminding Santi to attend the meeting

  1. Reminding Santi to attend the meeting and asking to discuss

  1. Asking Santi to see Merry

  1. Asking Santi to go discuss

  1. What date do they want to go meeting?

  1. June 4th, 2012

  1. July 4th, 2012

  1. July 4th, 2013

  1. June 4th, 2013

  1. Where will Santi see Marry?

  1. In the office.

  1. In the room.

  1. In the secretary

  1. In the Santis room

  1. Who is Marry?

  1. Manager

  1. The leader of meeting

  1. Santis manager

  1. Santis friend

  1. Iga: What would you like to drink milk or sweet tea?

Sarah: Actually I drink both, but I milk sweet tea now.

  1. Prefer, than

  1. Prefer, to

  1. Like, than

  1. Would rather, to

  1. Rahma: Do you prefr writing a novel or writing a poem?

Cunta: Id rather a poem.

  1. Play

  1. To play

  1. playing

  1. am playing

  1. Risan: Will he pay all his debt?

Yoanna: Yes, if he the inheritance.

  1. Got

  1. Is got

  1. gets

  1. had got

  1. Anto: Shall I post that letter, for you?

Irwan: . I can do it on the way home.

  1. Oh, you really know what I mean

  1. Oh, thank you so much

  1. Yes, thats a good idea

  1. Oh, no thank you

  1. Shinta: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the market?

Didik: Yes, it is not far from here, go straight down here, and take the first turning to your left.

What does the underlines utterance mean?

  1. Expressing hope

  1. Introducing people

  1. Refusing an offer

  1. Asking for information

  1. Tono: Can you play tennis?

Anton: Certainly.

The underlined expression is used to ask

  1. About like

  1. For permission

  1. For information

  1. Someones family

For questions number 21 23, complete the text with the correct word!

The Hounds of The Underworld

One night a thief was returning home from robbery. It was a (21) night because it was very late. Nothing could be heard but sounds of small creature. He met (22) along the road. All people had a deep sleep.

Suddenly he heard the low bark of a dog coming from the sky. He heard another and another, louder and nearer. He felt very scared (23) he saw same dog and a huntsman with a black face and horn behind them coming nearer.

  1. Crowded

  1. Very busy

  1. busy

  1. very quiet

  1. Everybody

  1. Nobody

  1. Some people

  1. somebody

  1. When

  1. But

  1. although

  1. however

This text is for questions number 23 25.


Dear Robert,

Let’s have a fun at my 17th birthday party. Please come to my house on Sunday, August 26th, 2012. The party starts at 3 p.m. we will enjoy for fun for 3 hours. It’s all over. I won’t be happy without your coming.

Your friend,


  1. The party will finish at p.m.

  1. 3

  1. 6

  1. 5

  1. 10

  1. The writer writes the text above to .

  1. Show his happiness for Robert’s plan

  1. Give an information about his birthday

  1. Invite his friend to his birthday party

  1. Confirm his birthday to his friend

  1. Who is the recipient?

  1. Robert

  1. George and Robert

  1. George

  1. Robert’s friend

Rearrange these jumbled words to make good sentences!

  1. I sorry have appointment that very am day on another I

  1. Would the to like go cinema you to?

  1. To I delighted be would.

  1. You are in front of Margocity. There is girl who asks you where Madjid Al-Ikhlash is located. Make a dialogue based on the map below!

  1. Look at the picture, and then give identification of these signs!

. . .

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